How Did I Get Here?

February 29, 2008
By Kayla Erb, Huntingdon, PA

“How did I get here this isn’t me. I’ll admit it, I am spoiled but not in the way that you may think. I spend most of my time and money trying to make the world a better place. It might have been something deserving, but some people aren’t ready for some things. I definitely wasn’t ready…”
“Here, you deserve this for all that you’ve done, we are so proud of you Kelly!” Her mom said with joy.
“Thanks but you really don’t have to do this.” Kelly lied to be polite.
“Okay then…no wait I will accept your generosity!” Kelly interrupted her dad’s joke.
Kelly swiped the credit card out of her mother’s hand and kissed her parents and ended with a big hug with one parent in each arm.
She couldn’t wait to use the credit card on something useful, like to go shopping and get some stuff for the kids down the block who are poor. She knew that those kids needed her three years ago. Now Kelly has been spoiling those kids like no other. People didn’t understand Kelly. She was sweet, kind, and cared for others. Even those who cared for her didn’t understand the reason for her positive influence on the world. She dressed like the selfish, rich, people that laughed at the needy. Kelly was different. She was someone that was so rare. Kelly was someone that wouldn’t tear others down to build her self up. She was one in a million.
It was the first time in five years where she would have a day to herself and buy something to reward her. It was a shirt that had “Saves the World” written all over the front with a graphic of the earth on it. It was twenty-five dollars.
“Well, I love this shirt and it’s so me, I have twenty dollars and I could use the credit card… what is five dollars going to hurt?” Kelly whispered to herself
Kelly knew, that the credit card was for emergencies only, but, that didn’t stop her. She took out the credit card and had a bad feeling on her fingertips once she handed the card to the cashier. The cashier slid the card down the credit card machine. Something hit Kelly and it wasn’t an object. It was an emotion, not a good one either.
“Have a nice day!” the cashier said excitingly
Kelly thought, “ Too late, conscience why did you have to come so late? How come you couldn’t just hit me while I was looking at the shirt? I could return it but then I would have to tell my parents all about it. They are right outside the door of this clothing store!”
“I completely forgot they always wait for me!”
Kelly returned to her thoughts. “Well, I’ll just tell them I got something awesome and I’ll take the price tag off and after school tomorrow I’ll return it Kelly thought. But the bill might come, oh no. Well, I’ll just see later after all everything happens for a reason. So maybe, just maybe me using the credit card without thinking was supposed to happen maybe this is a lesson I’m supposed to teach myself to learn responsibility.”

She was shaking yet, walking at the same time. Kelly has never gotten in trouble before. She’s always helped the people that were in trouble no the person that was in the trouble.

“Did you get the reward?” Her mom hoped she got something deserving.

“Yeah I got a shirt that I thought represented me and my beliefs in life.” Kelly said relieved.

Kelly was trying very hard to get it together and to tell her mom how much she wanted to represent the world and be a great role model for the kids she helps. Her wardrobe was always very bland and plain with no actual style. She would wear plain colors and wouldn’t care what people thought, which is a good thing. Or is it? Is it a good thing that she doesn’t let people tear her down to build them up? Kelly thought so this time all she thought was it can be boring and be a good representation.

Unlike her wardrobe Kelly’s beliefs are out of this world. She lives to care and cares for other lives.

“That’s great you finally got a personal style Kelly.”

“Mom, it’s just a shirt that has expressive meaning. It’s not like we went on a shopping spree to go on a mission to find something missing in my life…clothes! I didn’t get five- billion outfits.”

“True, but I’m not ever going to say that you don’t deserve it!” Her mom persuaded

Kelly hadn’t felt this bad since she had been persuaded to eat brussel sprouts. She felt yucky and wish she would take everything back. Well, not the Brussels sprouts because now she knows not to eat brussel sprouts. .

Kelly then went home with her parents and went straight to bed. She didn’t even eat because she felt so bad. But, what she didn’t know was her parents already knew about the incident. Her parents saw her give the credit card to the cashier and they specifically recalled that Kelly knew that it was for emergencies only!!!

The next day Kelly didn’t suspect a thing. Her parents called her downstairs and said that they needed to talk to her. Kelly completely forgot about the day before, yet as soon as she saw her parents her stomach dropped.

“Kelly, do you have something to tell us?” her mom hoped she wouldn’t lie

“Yes, (her mother was relieved) I have to go to the mall. It turns out that the shirt isn’t perfect so I’m going to return it.” Her mother suddenly got struck with disappointment

“Kelly we know what you did. How could you I’m pretty sure you knew that the credit card was for emergencies only.” her mom worried

“I’m so sorry, it was only five dollars added but still, you trusted me for that I apologize.” Kelly said

“You can give me any punishment!”

“Any?” her mother asked

“Any.” Kelly said realizing what just happened

Kelly’s punishment wasn’t to be grounded or to help or gibe her parents five dollars. Kelly loved giving time so that wasn’t an option for her. Her punishment was to work at that store she got the shirt from and the number of dollars off the credit card was the number of weeks she worked.

“ Five weeks at that store, selfish people go in there.” Kelly got a mad look on her face and she couldn’t keep it there for much longer.

The next few weeks she started working there and never stopped giving. The days she had off were her giving days. The work wasn’t bad at all. Kelly is much the opposite. Kelly had learned her lesson and worked longer than her suspected, longer than she suspected.
Everything Kelly had been through was just so unbelievable.

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