Demons, Demons Everywhere

February 29, 2008
By Kaitlyn Bilger, Huntingdon, PA

“Why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this?” Rose said to a guardian angel. As Rose lay there scratched and harmed from the demons, her guardian angel stood there looking at her.
It was October 29, 1990 when rose was trying to get into law school. It was a beautiful morning there were no clouds in the sky. Rose went out to get the mail. She went out skipping. Her hair was blowing in the summer wind and she had on her favorite skirt and shirt. She lived in the country and her family had a big farm full of livestock. They had been very wealthy, nice and happy people. She skipped all the way to the end of her lane. When she got to her mailbox she pulled out some letters and junk mail and also the two jolly ranchers the mail lady gave them each day. She went through them to see if she had gotten any thing from the colleges she had been applying for. She didn’t. So she started back into the lane this time walking with her head down. When she got into her beautiful house she laid down on her sofa. Her mom came into the room with a child on her hip. Rose took the child from her and started playing with her.” Hello my precious baby,” Rose asked, “Can you say hi mommy.” But she couldn’t she was too young. Rose loved her little girl so much but she felt bad for her. She was two months old and never saw her father in her life. When rose told him that she was with child, he bailed and didn’t tell her where he was going. Then Rose looked around and said,” I haven’t been out to eat and a long time lets go to McDonalds.” Then she took Sydney up to get her changed into something nice.” All right, Sdy which shirt would you like to wear. You’re McDonalds one or this one.” Sydney pointed to the one with big green letters on a pink background. She changed her diaper and put on her shirt and blue denim pants. When they got to the door she put on her shoes grabbed her purse and held her daughter and walked out to get into the car with her mother.
When they got to Mickey D’s they went inside and got a table and a height chair. Rose went over to the counter. She ordered a Happy Meal and two number fours both with cokes and one with Hi C. she took it back to the table and began eating. “Mom do you think that Sydney needs a father?”
“I don’t know, I mean I raised you by myself for 17 years,” she said. It wasn’t that she didn’t get married. Her husband died when Rose was only two months old; the same age as Sydney. Rose shook her head. Then they ate with out any discussion.

When they got home Rose put Syd in the bathtub for her daily bath. She got her favorite care bear cup. Then she started the water and let I run until it was to Sdy’s belly button. Then she poured water onto her head to get her hair ready to put in the Johnson baby shampoo and body wash. She squirted It onto her hair and started swish it around. Then she put onto a washcloth and washed her babies body. Then she went out and got a towel to dry Sydney off. When she walked into her room she felt weird. She felt as f something was in there with her and that it was staring at her. So she put her into her crib and got into to bed and fell asleep.

She shot up and looked at the clock. It was three A.M and she smelled something burning. So she went out and looked down the hall. There was nothing there. So she got back into bed. Then she felt something large and invisible on top of her that was pressing down on her so hard that she couldn’t breathe. Then her shirt had started to go up so she pulled it down. Again and again, it started to choke her forcefully. She screeched, ”Get off! Get off me right now!” She had read about this somewhere but didn’t know what it was. Her shirt was up by her neck now and she was almost dead from lack of oxygen and it still didn’t let go. She tried to talk again this time praying to Jesus, “In the name of Jesus Christ I demand you to be gone.” But it still just didn’t want to. Then she felt something go down her throat. And se heard a voice ad it sounded like the devil him self and it spoke to her, “I’ve got you now and I’m never letting go.” It laughed and the pain was all over. After that she started screaming and her mother came into her room. She looked scared, “what s the matter with you.” Rose spoke, “I’m not sure. Something came inside of me I can feel it.” She cried, as she put her hands over her face. suddenly she fell to the ground and all of the joints locked up. She knew that the thing inside her was making her like this. So her mother called 911 and told them what had happen to her.

The next morning she called him and got the answering machine. Then about ten minutes later the phone rang. She jumped although knew it was going to happen. ” Hello, I saw that you called. May I ask who this is,” Said the man n the other line.
“This is Samantha, Roses mother. Is this the priest?”

“Yes. Are you the young lady in the E.R. that I saw because I know exactly what is wrong with your daughter?” He said with confidence, “Your daughter is possessed.”
She stopped. And blurted out, “Huh? What is that? What kind of medication should we get her?” She sounded puzzled. “Madam there is nothing you can do. The only cure is an exorcism. And madam possessed mean that last night at 3:00 A.M demons came into you daughter’s body and now they can control her thoughts, actions and everything about her when they want to. They make the joins lock up and her eyes will turn black and their mission is to destroy the body so they will make her hurt her self.” She was about to fall down but she didn’t. Then she questioned. ”What priest should we get? And is it guarantee.” He paused not wanting to tell her the truth. “Well.” He said, “I am a priest and I can perform the exorcism for but it is not a guarantee.” She was sad; she knew she would have to lie to Rose just to get her to say yes.

When they both got home she sat her on the couch and said,” I need to talk to you I know what is the matter wit you.” She looked excited because she thought that she could take medicines for this. Her mother sighed and looked straight into her eyes and replied, “There is demons inside your body they can control everything about you but there is a way to get rid of them and that s to have an exorcism. Their mission is to destroy your body so they will make you hurt yourself but the exorcism is defiant guarantee.”
She started to cry. “This isn’t real. This isn’t happening to me. Why would god let this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?” She started to mumble things like curse words and other nasty messages. She cried the rest of the night thinking what would happen to her baby girl let alone what’s going to happen to her.

When she got home she went up and kissed Syd and then went and turned off the lights. She slept for about two hours and then she had the urge to get up and walk to the bathroom. She pulled the covers off of her and got out of her bed and walked down the narrow hallway to the bathroom at the end of it. As she was walking she felt the presence of a demonic force and she knew what was about ell out the ground moving her arms and using different voices to talk. Her pupils turned black and her face pale. She was sliding down the hallway screaming and yelling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Her mother finally heard and called the priest and said come in two days to do the ritual. So he said he would but what they forgot at the moment was that in two days was all hallows eve.

All hallows eve came with ease and the priest showed up with all these different materials he needed to perform such task. He had holy water, three bibles, a crucifix and a tape recorder because all exorcism has to be recorded so if it doesn’t work they can look at it again to see what went wrong. He made rose sit in the purple flowered chair and tied her hands and feet to the arms and legs to the brown chair legs. Then he sprinkled holy water on her and said something in Hebrew. Roses chest popped out and her eyes turned black and then the priest said, “We aren’t going to be talking to Rose tonight. We are going to talk to the one inside of her, the demon.” They started to read passages from the catholic bible.
“Think you can draw me out priest, try! I am the one who dwells with in,” The demon said that was in Rose’s body.
The priest looked at it and said, “I am the one who comes his name!!” Then she unsnapped the rope and slapped him in the face, and said “1,2,3,4,5,6,”
The Priest looked at her and screamed, “Tell me your name evil one. “
A few moments later the demon stood up and fell and said, “One name I don’t think so try six” He spoke again, “tell me your name I demand you to tell me your six names.” Then the priest put a cross on its chest and said a Hebrew prayer. Te girl started freaking out. She jumped all over the place and screaming and grunting. And the demon said”Think you can defeat me, wrong.” Then out of nowhere a dark cloud appeared and she started to howl and the girl said,”I am Christopher and I am the demon inside.” It laughed “tried to get me out eh? Well it didn’t work priest. I am Beliah and I am number two. I am saber and I’m number three. I am Lucas I am number four. I am baeya and I’m number five. And I’m number six and my name is Lucifer the devil in flesh. So then the demon ran straight up and the priest and grabbed his throat and said,” I hope you burn in hell like the rest of us.” Then the priest said, “in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to be gone.” But the demon laughed again. “You can’t defeat me. “So the priest looked around and started talking in Hebrew. And the demonic forces started screaming. He kept sprinkling holy water on her and tell them to go back to wear they came from. Then she fell, the joints tightened and her month wide open. The priest knew that he couldn’t get the demons out of her. So then he tried his last ritual. He pointed to the heavens and prayed. As he prayed he put another crucifix on her heart and prayed a pray something like this,” dear Jesus. This girl has been through enough. Save her from these evil creatures and give me the power to demand them to leave and let Rose get on with her life and when they escape please let me see these dreadful creatures faces so I can put shame on them and in your heavenly name amen.” Then he turned while Rose was crawling and eating bugs and hurting herself.

And screamed at the top of his lungs,” in the name of Jesus Christ and all power of the good I command you to be gone.” Then Rose suddenly lay on her back with her legs tucked behind her and she screamed and the priest knew exactly what do next and what was going to happen next.” When you leave her body I demand you to show your hideous faces.” Then Roses chest popped up and ugly little creatures showed their faces. And as they went out he was scared to death and each one came out one at a time and he heard,” Christopher, Beliah, saber, Lucas, baeya and Lucifer.” He was scared to death because he saw the devil in the flesh. Rose sprang up and hugged the priest and now she get on with her life. The End

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