The Sacred Ocean

February 29, 2008
By Kiara Burton, Huntingdon, PA

The thought of being taken away by the ocean is a scary thought, but when it happens to you, you don’t know how to feel. Megan loved the feeling of being taken away, from her life: her troubles all left behind. Megan was seventeen at the time. She would wonder sometimes while she was being tumbled by the harsh waves if she would ever be rescued, hardly caring. Her parents had died in boat wreck eight months before and she had a hard time adjusting. Though she had her younger sister and boyfriend, she still felt lonely. Lucky for her, Megan’s boyfriend Blake had just turned eighteen and was able to adopt her sister so they were not separated. Although she was still just seventeen she was able to convince the social worker her birthday was the next day.
“MEGAN!” Anna shouted, “It’s time to get up!”
Megan covered herself with her blankets, “It’s Saturday though and I want to SLEEP!” she whispered.
Megan heard her sister stomping up the creaky attic stairs, “I don’t really care!” Anna declared “It’s your job; just don’t come crying to me when you get fired!”
“Oh gosh,” Megan jumped out of bed, “I forgot I had to work today!”
Anna slowly made Megan’s bed, “I not staying with Blake again today” she whispered.
“You have to” Megan replied as she quickly put her work clothes on, “You know you have to, unless you can go to a friends’ house.”
“I’ll find somewhere to go!” she yelled as she tossed the pillow across the room at her sister, “He only talks about you, until you come home and he goes to work!”
“I have to go to work,” Megan answered she moved down the attic steps, “I’m going to be late if I talk any longer.” She said apologetically.
Megan got in her boyfriend’s car and drove off into the morning fog. She made her way across the large town and entered the small marina parking lot. She walked towards the building where she worked, “Misty Marina” the large sign read. There she cared for the three dolphins that were rescued from deadly situations. The three dolphins, Aqua, Zora, and Sacred, had been there for at least four months. Zora had progressed the most and was being released that day. Megan had enjoyed playing and feeding the dolphins, learning something new about them everyday. Sacred was her favorite, Megan felt as if she had a connection with her because they found her the day her parents’ died. Megan was never interested in any type of marine biology, until the day her parents’ were killed. Today she was extra excited they were releasing Zora. Megan was sad when they had to release a dolphin but she knew that it would allow the dolphin to live a longer life.
“Good Morning!” Megan said joyfully as she entered the marina base.
“Hey!” Julie her assistant replied, “We didn’t think you were going to show up today.”
Megan chuckled and answered, “Yea my sister woke me up screaming that I had to work,” she moved behind the counter and into the closed curtain room and changed to her wet suit, “ I would have slept forever if she hadn’t woken me up!”
“Yea, so are you ready to free Zora today?” Julie questioned as she poured a cup of coffee.
“I’m ready to set her free into her natural habitat!” Megan cheered; she grabbed her flute and made her way to the “dolphin lagoon” where the dolphins were showing off to each other.
“Hey girls,” Megan greeted as she prepared herself to dive into the lagoon. “You ready to say bye to Zora?”
Megan wadded into the pool of dolphins and greeted them all individually, gave them each a kiss and hugged Zora for a very long time. Megan swam with them for what seemed like a lifetime before she knew it, it was time for Zora to go and live the life of a normal dolphin. Megan swam to the gate that separated the lagoon from the ocean. She slowly opened the gate. Zora flashed through the pathway and kept swimming and never looked back. Megan felt as if Zora had been her child leaving for college and cried; she didn’t realize she had left the gate open! When she looked back up Aqua and Sacred were gone too. She sprinted out of the lagoon, and into the office area.
“All the dolphins are gone!” Megan shouted, as she gathered the keys for the marina’s boat, “I accidentally left the gate open when I freed Zora!” she gasped
“Megan!” Julie yelled as she chased her down, “The weather is supposed get bad, it’s to dangerous!” she exclaimed. But Megan was already leaving the dock.

“Ring… ring…ring. Hi, this is Blake, Megan, and Anna, were busy right now and can’t take your call right now so leave us…” Julie heard giggling in the background before she hung up. She had no idea how she was going to tell them what had happened.
Having no clue what had been happening Blake and Anna were out having ice cream and actually enjoying each other’s company. When Blake and Anna were walking home the wind started blowing, and drizzles of rain plopped down from the sky. They rushed home quickly. When Blake and Anna arrived home they noticed a missed call on the machine, they played the machine and heard Julie, Megan’s assistant, panicking but not knowing what she was saying. Blake picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number.
“What happened?!” Blake screeched as he paced through the hallway, “Is Megan….” He took a deep shaky breath, “She’s ok, right?”
“She went off in the boat in search of two dolphins that escaped.” She whimpered scared what could happen to Megan.
“Should we look for her?” he took more deep breaths, “Do you think she’s going to die?”
“I don’t want to comment on that!” she replied she moved to the window in the office, “We should call the coast guard, immediately.”
The rain was pounding hard on the ocean and corrupting the waves. Megan started to regret going to work that day. She was trying to control the boat, but the waves just continued to bully the boat. She started to wonder if she was going to leave the ocean alive. The boat started to rock to and fro too much that she couldn’t control it; the waves had plundered the boat. Megan was in the water being pushed under, by its violent force. She tried get calm and attempted to stay above the water. Her mind was running and she didn’t care if she was rescued! Her eyes filled with tears, and she sobbed while the harsh waves brushed her face and continued to take her under.

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