Dancing Bananas!

February 29, 2008
By Ranger Helsel, Huntingdon, PA

It was a dark night, with the light from the full moon. It was a little cloudy, right around the moon. I ran up the big mountain, to see the all of Jupiter, the jungle, the ocean; I could see everything even the city. Then I saw the dark subway it was stopped. I saw different colored lights, and people. Then all of a sudden I saw black everywhere.


Jim, R and Jill were walking home from school. They saw that bananas have been stolen from the market. Then all of a sudden it gets dark, and really large bananas appeared out of nowhere, Jim and R got bit. Jill watched. She saw that they were vampires, she ran to find her dad Bill. She found him and he was waking up. “Dad, dad, are you okay? You must have passed out!” Yes I guess I did he said, shaking his head. “Well what’s wrong?” She sits down.
“Well Jim and R were bit by vampire bananas and they couldn’t stop dancing. It was scary.” She stood up and ran down the mountain yelling,” Come on Dad we need to get to them, before something else happens to them.” Bill gets there and turns off the music, gave bananas to Jim and R. Then they aren’t mesmerized any more they could stop dancing. The Bananas are going crazy.
”Oh crap now their going to bite everyone in site.” Bill said while running away.
“Ahhhhhh!” everyone said in terror. They get everyone in the city, then the state, then the country, after that they took over the world but they didn’t find Bill. So he went to the store and got bananas as many as he could get!
It turned dark, he found the people that were dancing he tried to feed them bananas but he couldn’t give the people the bananas in time. The master bananas came to get him, so Bill ran; he ran and screamed like a little girl. He thought he ran through all of Jupiter. Then he was walking through the Jungle, and then Bill turned around and saw the bananas following him. So he ran and jumped into his car, they tried coming through the sunroof then bill closed it on them. They screamed. Bill said,” Well that’s what you get when you mess with me!” He laughed. Then they got in the car, he screamed and went through the windshield. Crying he crawled behind a huge brick building. He lies back there and fell asleep.
He awoke with a startle from people on him. He was bruised and cut and knocked everyone off of him. He got up and ran limping away. The bananas followed him, he screamed like a little girl again. This time the bananas jumped from roof to roof following him until they got in front, then they jumped down in front of him and walked toured very slowly, pining Bill up against the wall.
They started whispering something, but he couldn’t understand him. They went at him full force, so Bill ducked and they hit the wall and smashed into mush! So he walked to everyone dancing and fed hem bananas. And the world was saved, but everyone was scared and hated bananas. Until someone had a banana as a child, and nobody knows what happened to that place on Jupiter. It has never bin there since.

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