February 29, 2008
By Russell vannest, Huntingdon, PA

One sunny day on a lonely country road Bob and Sue were taking a ride. On that lonely country road, while watching the birds on the power lines, they saw some trash. Sue and Bob were devastated to see trash in this beautiful area. They saw someone throwing trash out the window, so Bob sped up and crashed into the car. Bob tried to stop them from throwing trash. Tom and Jerry, the people in the car, hit their heads off the windshield. Sue and Bob got out of their car to see if they were all right.

Bob and Sue opened their car doors and wondered over to the wrecked car. Tom and Jerry seemed to be knocked out, so Bob and Sue proceeded to take care of the trash. Sue and Bob put the trash in Tom and Jerry’s car to make them miserable, so they would not throw trash out the window ever again.

Later on that afternoon, Tom and Jerry stretched and woke up. Tom said, someone wrecked into us. Tom smelled something old outdated peanut butter and jelly. there it was, two pieces of green moldy bread. Tom felt something drop on top of his head and looked and saw 3- year-old chocolate covered caramel. Tom asked, “Where did this trash come from.”
Jerry exclaimed, “I think someone put this trash in here.” Tom and Jerry open their car doors and all this trash piled out of the car. They got out of the car and tripped over the trash. Tom and Jerry staggered up and started walking in the middle of nowhere soon after that Tom and Jerry see bright lights and cry for survival. Tom saw a sign that said “Food and Water” a few miles up the road.

Tom and Jerry walked and walked to the sign but it seemed further and further away. Finally, they get to the sign small town called Nestville. Tom and Jerry went to a Deputy’s office and dep. Jackson was there. Tom went berserk and said, “Someone crashed into us and put trash in our car.
Jackson said, “I already know about this and you are fined $500 for littering.”

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