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Ed's Job

It was a gloomy day. He and his mother were driving in his truck and he realized that his uncle Ed had a restaurant. He goes and asks his uncle Ed if he had a job opening and uncle Ed. said, I once had a dishwasher quit so then uncle Ed said “Do you want the job nephew yes or no” Will said “yes”. Then he gets in his truck and tells his mother the wonderful news that he got a job from his uncle Ed at the local restaurant as a dishwasher. His uncle Ed said, “you can start tomorrow.” Then you can tell me what hours you can work I am going to tell you after church it will be crow Ed and there will be lots of plates to wash.

On a sunny Sunday morning Will gets up gets dress then goes gets in his truck and drives down to new job he gets there and he realized Ed that his uncle Ed is not there to open up the place so Will call Ed his uncle and he is still in bed Will said, ”are you coming.” Will looks at his watch it was 11:00 o’clock. And out of nowhere here comes his uncle with the key. Uncle Ed said,” nephew go to wal-mark and made so when you come in to open up the place.” Will start Ed to wash dishes. Will get his first paycheck he goes to the dealer to see if check is enough to buy the dirt bike of his dreams. Here he doesn’t have enough money to buy the dirt bike of his dreams. So then he ask his uncle if he can work as a waiter at your restraint. Then after that he punches out and then goes home and goes to bed after a long day a work.

Will as some supper then goes back to bed wakes up gets a shower then gets dress Ed goes to work to start his new job at the restraint as a waiter. He works two jobs at ounce as a waiter and a dishwasher. Then he gets his first paycheck as a waiter. He goes to the dealer to see if both checks as a dishwasher and a waiter here he has enough money to buy a dirt bike of his dreams he has the dealership loaded the dirt bike on his truck. Then he drives home and shows his mom the new bike that he just got at the dealership. Then he show Ed his uncle the dirt bike and he liked it but he realized he doesn’t have a suit for competition at the raceway in town. So he goes back to the he asks if he can register to race for the competition at panther hollow raceway. Then the next day he Call Ed his uncle and said “I’m going to start racing dirt bike but I’m still going to work for you when I’m not racing.” Then he starts racing out at panther hollow raceway. His mom, uncle, and his girl friend comes to watch him race this is his first race he is exited but nervous. He has thoughts running thought his head about the race. If wreck I will no win the large trophy with a dirt bike on top. He said to himself it has my name all over it. It is mine. The announcer said “all racer to the starting line for the huge race.” Then Will comes up to the starting line and will swallow his pride and the announcer said “on your marks get set go!”

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