Jerrica's Car

February 29, 2008
By Heather Scott, Huntingdon, PA

It was beautiful sunny day in a small town. Jerrica just got her driver license. She went to get a car. Jerrica picked a dark purple car. She got in and the car smelled refreshing. She touched the seats and they were furry.

Jerrica started to drive away with the dark purple car. She looked and saw that she was almost out of gas. Jerrica went to the nearest gas station. She looked at the high price. It said $3.50. She pulled in and went back out of the station. The price was too much.

Jerrica really needed to get to a gas station fast. She found another gas station, so she pulled in. She looked at the hideous price and it was even worst than before, it was high. She finally found a gas station down the street. Guess what, the price was low. Jerrica tried to zoom down the street to get some gas, but there was a small piece of glass on the road. “Oh no, I have a flat tire.” “ I have never fixed a flat tire before!” she thought to herself. Jerrica got a tire out of the back of the car. She was not sure how to fix a flat tire. So she called a tow truck by a pay phone. They said that they could help her with the gas but not the tire. One of her friends walked down the street. She said,’’ Hello’’ to Jerrica.
Jerrica said, “Can you help me?” “I have a flat tire and I don’t know what to do.’’ She grabbed the tire from Jerrica and started to work. In one minute the tire was changed. The tow truck came to take her to the gas station. The man stopped the truck. The man walked over to Jerrica’s car and opened the little circle window where the gas goes. He started to pour the gas in. Finally it got filled, Jerrica was thrilled that she got the gas.

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