The One That Got Away

February 29, 2008
By Josh Foster, Huntingdon, PA

Danny and Sam had Shaq cornered at a window. “You’ll never get away!” said Dan.

“Oh, yes I will!” replied the confident Shaq. What is he up to?

Shaq Tyson is a world famous thief. He found out how to steal the gold from a bank, the silver from Texas, and a mint machine from the U.S. Treasury. The gold had been in a safe, and the mint machine had been left alone. The silver from Texas, though, took some time. He had to go to every bank and steal from every bank. He has quite a reputation. One day when he was at the NAT (National Association of Thieves), somebody brought up the topic of stealing the Sacred Jewel of Persia. As soon as he heard the idea, Shaq automatically jumped all over it. He began to prepare.
Shaq went undercover to scout where it was located. He wore a black hood and sunglasses. It turned out that the jewel was held at Persia’s most important castle. The palace was very heavily guarded with men and security cameras, and also had a very steep wall to climb up and Infer-red security beams everywhere. He began to make tools. He made a very long and strong grappling hook and suction cups for his hands and feet. He also made a powder that would make the beams show and make the men distracted. Finally, he was ready for the heist, which would be the night after.

Shaq was hidden in a bunch of leaves to avoid detection. When the men weren’t looking, he made his climb. He twirled the grappling hook up the side of the castle and climbed up. When he made it to the top, he was panting and out of breathe, but he eventually recovered. Shaq didn’t know where to look, so he went through the castle, the hallways, and looked in all the rooms. He looked in one room where one person was sleeping, but didn’t find it. He looked into the kitchen, but didn’t find the jewel. Then he went to the bathroom, used it, but did not find it in there. He was just wandering around when he saw a room that said:



Now, being big, bad thief, Shaq thought right away, cool, this has got to be where it is. He entered the room and screamed, “JACKPOT, BABY!!!!!!!”

There, in a clear, transparent case was The Sacred Jewel of Persia. He took one step and thought as he rubbed his chin, “This is too easy.” He used the white, rough smelly powder and saw the Infer-red security beams. So, he made his way through the red security beams to the case. Then, he lifted the case when suddenly the alarm went off. Beep, Beep, Beep! Shaq grabbed the jewel and turned around to see two muscular guards standing at the door. He saw their white nametags contrasting against their black jackets. The one on the left said Danny and the one on the right said Sam. Sam and Danny cornered Shaq to the window. Shaq thought of every possible way to escape, but these guys had a perfect record of catching thieves. There was only one way to escape and Shaq knew it.

“You’ll never get away!” said Dan.

“Oh yes I will!” replied the confident Shaq.

Then, Shaq did the craziest thing ever. He used his remaining powder as a cover while he jumped to safety out the window! Shaq ended up landing on a thorn bush, and had fallen on the ground hard. He also had a broken leg, but he was happy he got away. The guards weren’t so lucky, though. They ended up falling out of the window and landed on the cement walkway. Shaq hopped through the yard, where he went and met other guards. He got away from them and had to swim through a lake with the guards on the water chasing after him. They were firing missiles at him. He dodged them and to the safety of his hideaway shack. He got away.

It turns out that Shaq sold the Sacred Jewel of Persia for 1 trillion dollars! Shaq had suffered a broken leg while his getaway, but he pulled through. He ended up retiring in a mansion in Beverly Hills with a giant pool and every thing he could want. Back at the NAT, he was thought of a big hero and they made Shaq a big-time hero. The guards were shook up in the ER with broken butts and were on Workers Compensation. They ended up getting back to their jobs and caught every other thief that came near them. Although they had an almost spotless record, their boss fired them! The Jewel of Persia ended back where it belonged, and the guy Shaq sold it to was behind bars.

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