The Day of Revenge

February 29, 2008
By Brandon Hinkle, Huntingdon, PA

“Well, can’t wait to get out of this class, its so boring!’ exclaimed Fukuyo. “Just two more hours and I’m out.” Later on in the day… “Yes, finally a starved a ninja must not go into battle with an empty stomach”. “I wonder how Samamoto is doing he has been really quiet,” Hanzashi thought. “Hey how is it going Samamoto,” Fukuyo said. “… get lost,” Samamoto said.”Hey what was that for ”Fukuayo said. “…” Samamoto ignored him.” Later” Fukuyo said. “Hmmm I better go check on the team” Hanzashi thought.

“Yeah finally time to eat” Fukuyo said loudly. Meanwhile Soroushi was training alone with Shurikens. “I have got to become better” Soroushi thought. “Man I’m stuffed” Fukuyo said,” I’m going to go train”. Samamoto also went to train as they all met up Hanzashi appeared “ah I was going to get you three for a mission, to go and investigate a lair and find out what is going on it belongs to a rouge ninja of the sky.

Suddenly Samamoto got a pain his stomach thinking ‘I remember who did something bad to my family and went off into the woods”. He was a ninja who followed his own way. As Hanzashi continued, Samamoto grew mad. “So we will leave in a while and be sure you’re ready.” “I haven’t seen him in a long time” Samamoto thought and so they set off with nothing but their clothes and supplies.

As they were traveling on the forest road they Hanzashi saw something weird “a slash in a tree and a dead boar.” Man this journey is going to be a hoot,”Fukuyo said with energy. Suddenly a kunai hit Soroushi and she fell from the treetop, Hanzashi quickly with sound speed grabbed her before she hit the ground. “Wow look at that speed” Fukuyo said. After Soroushi was safe a person appeared he was wearing a black robe and had purple and black eyes. He just stood on the tree staring with those weird eyes, then, al of the sudden, he threw a barrage of kunai and hit the trees but not us. Then Samamoto had a flashback.

why are you doing this”. “This is my clan”. Then the flashback was over and so was the person. “Are you okay Soroushi yeah I’ll bandage It”. “what was wrong with Samamoto during he fight, he must have had a flashback about his clan what do you mean sensei, its nothing”. “Well let’s head onward and hope we don’t get caught up in a mess later on again”. As they were flying on through the trees they saw the lair.

“Okay now be careful this is that guy we saw earlier’s lair so be on guard”. As they walked in they heard a scream and took stance and in came a guy whose arm was gone. Then they saw four pass ways and split up Samamoto on his way saw the same guy before and grew angry his eyes lit up the same as his and attacked. Meanwhile Soroushi was in a chamber that was filling with water and it was just about to fill completely and then she used her training and strength to break through. Fukuyo’s hands were full as well, he wandered into an empty room that when he stepped in the exit shut.

Hanzashi found himself in an empty room to so he went back and took Samamoto’s path and saw him fighting and he joined in Soroushi had found them as well.
“It’s him Samamoto don’t attack directly its too dangerous he is a highly skilled ninja”. “Hanzashi have you had a bout before with this ninja”. “Yes indeed he was the one who attacked Samamoto’s clan and killed them all”. “ I never new” Soroushi said then all of the sudden Samamoto lashes out and runs toward the enemy. Right as he is about to strike he grabs Samamoto and slings him to the wall and and jumps towards him at deadly speeds and pounds Samamoto on the wall. As He falls lifeless everyone barely had time to react. There lied Samamoto no one knowing if he was dead, then he coughed out blood. “ You monster you killed my clan” Then all of the sudden he charged fire in his hand and struck the killer. But it was a clone and the real one appeared behind him. Then as the killer came in for a strike, it was successful, he had hit him 29 times and a throw. Hanzashi moved in with a wolf and it bit him. Then Hanzashi came up with a dragon of fire and hit him. As he burned he picked up Samamoto. Then the enemy struck Hanzashi and then Fukuyo rushed in and used his clones to barrage the murderer. Then they planted paper bombs and got out. The lair collapsed and no one saw him ever again. “So Sona did you get what I asked for oh yes I have him right here”.

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