Family of Beliebers

February 20, 2012
By TheJillanaS SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
TheJillanaS SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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“Uggh. My mom is so annoying.” I thought as I stormed up the regal stairs to my bedroom.

Mom wants me to visit grandma and grandpa, but l wanna see Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never; mom and dad were telling me I am being a selfish brat since I saw Justin’s movie like four times already, since it came out on Friday. They like honestly don’t understand my dedication for the Biebs; I’m sure if they did they’ll allow me to go see the movie again!

“JILLANA! Come on, we’re leaving now! Hurry up!” My sister yelled in her six year old voice.

“Gawsh! I’m coming! Can’t you guys like wait for a second?” I yelled right back.

As I walked back down the stairs, I immediately spotted my mom, dad and little sister. I instantly tensed up; mom and dad were the last two people I want to see right now. They just always ruin my plans. I swiftly walked past my bossy parents and out the house into the brisk weather of February. As I stepped into the navy Range Rover, I straightaway saw the movie ticket I was supposed to use to see Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never for like the fifth time. I obviously got fired up once again. As my dad drove to grandma’s and grandpa’s, I started a conversation with my mom.

“Mom?” I said to get her attention.

“Yes Jillana?” She replied.

“Do you know why I like Justin Bieber so much? Do you know why he is so important to me?” I interrogated.

“No, no I don’t know why you care so much about this sixteen year old Canadian boy whom you never met, tell me why. And I know for a fact visiting grandma and grandpa is much better than seeing this boy again in the same movie you saw four times!” Mom stressed.

“Mom…I don’t know…Justin just flicked a switch in my soul, he made me happy once again…his music is my escape, the way he interacts with his fans is just so sweet, all of the charities he’s involved with are just terrific…he’s just a great person that I will someday meet and I cannot wait!” I explained.

“Oh Jillana…that is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard! You know what? You deserve to see Justin’s movie again; I am pleased that you finally have a humble inspiration like Justin. Sharaz you can drop Jillana at the movie theatre and we’ll pick her up when she calls us.” Mom said.

I stepped out of the car in front of the theatre and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my mother had tears in her eyes, but a beautiful smile on her face…I finally made my family Beliebers.

The author's comments:
Justin Bieber inspired me to write this piece.

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