The New Kid

February 29, 2008
By Summer Hunter-Kysor, Huntingdon, PA

Sitting on the curb, waiting for the bus, Summer, Kayla, Kylie, and Sloan were waiting for the bus to come; it was their only ride to school. It was frosty February day and all they could think about was all of the new kids to come. You see today at their school was known as the day all empty desks would be filled, the day the bus would be even more crowded, the day of the new kids. Every year their school only accepted few kids and those kids couldn’t come until that very day.
As the line for the bus grew longer and longer, each girl looked back for the slightest sign of a new kid. Each was disappointed. The bus’ roar was heard in the next minute and any new kid, the girls knew, had missed the bus. To them anybody would want to miss the bus. It was stinky, covered with candy wrappers that the bus driver refused to pick up, the seats were torn and gum was stuck to the bottom of them. Everyone was loaded onto the bus when a sprinting girl was spotted running after the bus waving and yelling.
“Stop the bus!!!” Kayla shrieked.
“Somebody please tell me there is a good reason for this!” Sheldon, the bus-driver glared.
“There is a girl running and trying to get on the bus!!!” Kylie blurted out.
A strange looking girl who was bundled up in an extra-poofy coat, earmuffs, two pairs of gloves, boots, and held a huge bag and backpack in her hands hopped onto the bus. As she strode down the aisle of the bus, people started to whisper and the air got tense. Anyone close enough could hear her heart pounding and see that since she left her old school, her world had crashed down. She looked tired and frustrated, sad and shameful, solemn and angry, and heartbroken but nervous, all at the same time. She sat down in the seat in front of Summer and Sloan, and across from Kylie and Kayla.
“So, you’re the new girl? Word has it you’re pretty cool,” Summer said.
“Uhh yeah!” Taylor said getting so nervous that she started to do the jitterbug.
“Do the jitterbug, the jitterbug. Oh do the jitterbug the jitterbug,” Taylor whispered.
In unison, they all said, “Wow, you are cool!!!”
Everyone then loaded off of the bus and right when Taylor got off she started doing the worm.
The crowd around her shouted, “Star potential!!!”
Taylor hit her head and screamed with pain, “KatflappitJr.”
Ten seconds later everyone heard a booming sound and then, “Taylor Shea please come to the office, Taylor Shea, please come to the office.”
Five minutes late, Taylor was in the office complaining, “All I did was say ‘katflappitjr.’”
“That is exactly why we called you to tell you none of those words will be permitted on school grounds. You can say them anywhere else but not here.”
Ten minutes later Taylor started crying, “I can’t believe anyone would do this to someone on their very first day at a school!”
The principal came into the room and mumbles, “We are so sorry, Miss Shea. Our faculty is supposed to warn people before giving them 3 weeks detention.”
Then Taylor runs out of the room cheering, “Muahahahahahaha!!! I did it! I did it!”
Taylor’s mom searched through the school and after 20 minutes, finds her daughter. She ran and grabbed her and said, “Gosh darn it child. What have you done this time?”
“Oh nothing, the office had a little mix-up.”
Then Taylor’s mom runs out and chases her daughter, then grabs her and said, “I’m sorry everyone for her behavior, she’s just a little bit bipolar. He Ha He….”
While Taylor is being dragged away she says, “Kylie shave the stache because you are out and I am in and I will get you my pretty and your little dog too!!!”
“Sorry she watches too much TV”
“Man I wish I were allowed to watch too much TV,” says Kayla.

“Kayla, why are you making fun of my mother?”

“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to insult anyone, I’m not like that,” said an anxious Kayla.

“Are you backsassing me?” Taylor says demanding an answer.

“I don’t think so…”

“Well I think this Posey is down to Summer, Sloan, and me.”

“You can’t do that to me!!!!”

“You know what??? I can and just did!!!”

“Oh,” Kayla whimpered.

“Well now that that I settled my mom can go home and I’ll be happy again,” Taylor said, cooling down.

“I think not. I am not going anywhere until you apologize and mean it,” Her mother snapped.

“Fine, you don’t have to be mean, I was just doing my best to make friends. I’m sorry guys and BFFs; I’m not going to do this again. So who’s up for lunch?”

“Not me!”

“Not me!”

“Not me!”

“Not me!”

“But guys, that leaves me! Even with all the cool stuff I’ve done here, that will give me a bad reputation!”

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