The Ice Raid

February 29, 2008
All DJ could think about as he sat on his knees in the garage was about how much he missed racing his old 600cc Harley-Davidson on the ice back home in Wisconsin. DJ was only 19 and has basically lived the dream life. He was only 10 when he first started racing, and in those 9 short years he’s become one of the best professional racers. He is originally from Wisconsin but is now living temporarily in Pennsylvania with the Greenlands. Ray Greenland is the owner of Greenland masonry and has a boy named Austin, who is 16 and also a professional racer. He is home schooled because they are always on the racing circuit. Ray hired DJ to come work for him as a laborer and to his son Austin become a better racer and fix his bikes. DJ is one of many that have come and gone in the same situation. But he was happy and that’s all that mattered at the moment.
Bang, Bang, Bang. Austin had been complaining (like always) that something was wrong with his bike and DJ was stuck with the job of finding and fixing the problem. Pretty soon he was lost in thought again about racing on the ice back home. It was winter and very cold here in Pennsylvania.
“Ugh,” DJ groaned as he got up to go through another log on the fire in the massive shop. DJ’s mind started to wander back to ice racing. He slowly trudged back to he bike and kicked the rear wheel. The rear wheel started to wobble instead of holding firm. “Uh-oh”, he exclaimed, “here’s the culprit!”
“A loose wheel.” Twool, Twool, Twool. He tightened the wheel. “Ah, finally finished.” “ Now time to watch a little TV.” Click.
“ Today’s forecast partly cloudy with a chance of snow.”
“Ugh, boring.” Click.
“Alright, were gonna try and sneak up and over the side of this here creek bed.” “ Now that buck should be right at the top in the field of Bio Logic, Within 30 yards of where I’m gonna be.” “ Hopefully I can get a shot on him.”
“Seen it.” Click.
“ Welcome back to Country Fried Home Videos.”
“Ugh, isn’t there anything good on.” His mind started to wander back to ice racing, and the more he thought about it the more he missed it. “I know, we could race over at Colyer, there’s gotta be at least 5 inches over there.” “ Oh man I am such a genius!” “Oh, it’s almost dark. Oh well it can wait till tomorrow I guess.” Click. Dunk, Dunk, Dunk. Eeeeeek. Good night shop. Click. Eeeeeek, Bang!! Dunk, Dunk, Dunk. “WOOPS!” Bang! “Ough, stupid ice!”
YAWN. “What a beautiful day for racing.” Dunk, Dunk, Dunk Eeeeeeeeeek. “ Hum, I’ll need this, this, this, this, this, to keep me warm.” Eeeeeek, Bang. Thud, Thud, Thud. Eeeeeek, Bang! “Ooh little chilly out this morning.” “Ready to go Austin?”
“Sure am, hey did you get my bike fixed?”
“Sure did, you gonna ride it?”
“Yep.” Whool, Whool.
“Lets go!!” Whool, Whool. They rode 6 miles to Colyer.
“Let’s just start goin’ around in a circle!”
“Alright!” 4 hours later. Weeoo, Weeoo, Weeoo. Uuuuuuuuurch. Eeeeek, BANG.
“Hey Boys!!” Two State Troopers flagged the boys down.
“Wadda you think your doin’ out here!”
“ What’s it look like were doing pickin’ goobers.”
“ That’ll be enough of that right now young man.”
“Well, what’d ya expect me to say, it’s pretty obvious what we’re doin’.”
“Well you could be a little more polite about it.”
“Yeah, well wadda you want anyway?” asked DJ.
“You’re not aloud on the ice with them there motorcycles and they’re way too loud and people are starting to complain.” “Besides you been out here riding for 4 hours.” replied the cop.
“So we ain’t doin’ anyone any harm and the noise ain’t that bad!” shouted Austin.
“Oh, so you think you ain’t doin’ no one any harm huh?” “ Well let me tell you this son, the sound of them there bikes does get a little annoying after awhile, and them fisherman, I’m sure they’re tired of you scarin’ all the fish away and all the noise you been making.” ‘Oh, and by the way if you boys wadda been just a foot closer to them there fisherman, we would a been haulin’ you fellows off to jail for endangering the public.” “Now get on out of here and I don’t wanna see either of you around here again.” “Is that clear?”
“Yeah, what ever.” retorted DJ. The spun their tires and showered bits of snow and ice all over the troopers and their car, knocking them both to the ice. DJ and Austin turned and laughed then shot off like a speeding bullet. They were long gone by the time the troopers managed to get back to their feet. They were never heard from again, but ever once in a while they sneak back over to the lake and ride around a little bit.
“Stupid kids!” said the cop.
“Yeah you’re tellin’ me.”
“Hey, you wanna run over to the Vets and grab a bite to eat, have a couple drinks, and get warmed up?”
“Yeah, that’d be alright.” “You buyin’?”
“Um, NO.”
“Oh come on, I helped you out today.”
“Yeah, you didn’t even say a single thing to them brats!”
“Oh whatever, they would a jumped you if I hadn’t been there!” “You know, you don’t realize it yet but you’re lucky you have such a ripped partner, such as myself, or there’s a couple different situations where you could a been shilayleed if I hadn’t been there.” “So I think it’s only fair that you buy my dinner and a couple drinks.”
“Yeah, okay.”
“Fine suit yourself, but the next time two young guns try to jump ya don’t come bawlin’ to me.”
“Fine I won’t.”
“Good, at least it’ll give me a break from watchin’ your back all the time.” The two officers sped off to enjoy a nice hot meal and were never seen around Colyer again.

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