One Crazy Night at Gamestop

February 29, 2008
By Tim Sheets, Huntingdon, PA

Get to the back of the line!” “No cutting!” “No pushing!” That was the cops trying to control the people in line for the biggest game release in history. It was a chilly night Friday. The night before the game released. People could hardy wait to get their hands on that game. Some people came for the game for their kids. Then most of the people like me, came for the game thereselfs. Most of them were teenagers (like me) but the funny part was there were old people too at the place. I think that is crazy for them to stand out and wait in this kind of weather. It was at a local Gamestop, down in a local shopping center in New York City. There were other stores at the shopping center too. I remember seeing two or three there. Like a skate shop, L.L Beans and some others I can’t remember.
I stood in the chilly cold night. Waiting for the line to move up. I remember what number I was in line. I was number 77, out of 438 people. Lot of people huh? When sitting in line, getting up, moving, and repeating, or just standing on my free will can getting a little annoying. But I’ll hang in there. I saw the line move up about a hair. I got up and move right long with the people. I met a lot of cool people there too. Like this one guy named Tom. He was just like me. Had a 360, had X-Box Live and plays with other people on live for fun and enjoys it for the love of the game. But a lot of people didn’t want to talk to me because I was a stranger to them. Just a simple “ Hi!” What did you come here for?” It didn’t get to conversational. The line moved up again. The employee’s calling numbers “ 35! “ 36! “37! I took a look at the ground…“This is going to be a long night!”
The alarm clock went off. DAA… DAA… DAA! I took a look at my clock 8:30.I got up, got a shower, and headed out to pick up some stuff up for my parents. This was the morning before the night of the game release. When driving through midtown I saw posters everywhere. The traffic was slow. Heck! It’s always slow in midtown because of the traffic. I went into giant got some milk, some food, etc. And I was on my way. The day passed quickly. I went out of the house and headed for my Black F150 Ford and I was on my way. When I pulled in the shopping center there was a huge line, filled with a lot of people. I got out of my car quickly and headed over. I got my ticket for number 77 in line and went to the back of the long line. So then started the long wait…

“Hey buddy!” “Buddy!” “The line just moved I would move if you don’t want to loose your spot.” “Yeah… Thanks.” I took a nap on accident. Time passed and passed. It was 1:30 am… The lined moved up. Almost to that wonderful door of the store! 72! 73! 74! 75! Two more and I’m half way there to having that game in my cold gibbering hands. 76! 77! Yes!!! That was me! “What!” “You can’t do this to us!” That was people who got called up like numbers 67 and 68 and 69. “What’s going on?” I asked curious. “ The store manager closed the store on all of us! “What?” “Wait till I get my hands on him!” The store manager stood inside smirking and laughing with his employee’s. The people started hitting the store doors. The cops rushed up to the doors trying to get the crowd back! They couldn’t control us. I thought they were going to call the riot control squad. The wimpy cops got out of the way and let the people do what they got to do. They though it will make a breaking news flash all around the big apple. Well it did. Helicopters were in the air filming this. This was pretty funny at the time. “All of this stuff in one night! I thought to myself.”

“Push!” The people were about to push open the locked door (including me. Well hey; I didn’t come all the way out here for nothing). *Crack* the doors open with a bang. People rush in, going mad and berserk all in the store. I go up to the manager. I look him straight in the eye and tell him “You made a big mistake!” I punch him right in the jaw, like a right hook from the mad Mike Tyson. I go behind the counter and grab the game while everyone else in the store is beating up the employee’s that aren’t knocked out. I go outside, look at the store, look at the game, and I was on my way. I went home sat down, got a game fuel, and enjoy my game…”What a heck of a night!” The next day the news came on. “ We have had a little riot by a local Gamestop down in a small shopping center down in the big apple.” “438gamers waited outside last night for a xbox 360 game called “ Condemned 2: Bloodshot.” Apparently the manager of the store closed the store at number77.” “The rest of the people broke out into a riot going mad.” “Cops let people break down the doors to the store and beat up the manager and his employees.” “A lot of people got the game they wanted, but a lot still empty handed.” The manager if Gamestop got fired, and got throw into prison for 1 year.”

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