February 29, 2008
It was a cooled and breezy day and the wind was whistling. The kid‘s were out side of the school waiting to go in. There were two ninja’s ninja1, and ninja2. The ninja’s was poising as kids. They were standing in a little corner right on the side of the school.
They were in the corner waiting to go in the school, a then the boy’s football team came over and said who are you, the ninja’s replied buy saying we are insane studies from Hong Kong.
The football team barley could understand theme, so they called theme a stuppied and leafed. The ninja’s watched the football team go into the school. And thin they saw a compel teen’s get out of a car, the ninja’s look at them strange, the ninja’s think they might have been popular buy the way they look. They start to go in to the school be causes it was cooled out side they get to the door they started to speak in Chinese, saying we got in now we got to get to the lunch room to get the ‘’sweet sweet chicken nuggets.’’ They start to go to the lunchroom and all of a sudden Mr. powers stops the ninja’s and ask them if they are new to the school they spoke back in chine, than Mr. powers looked like he was startled. Mr. powers thought that they were exchange students and said to carry on. So they start to go in to the lunchroom for their top-secret plan. They get the chicken nuggets in to a bag and start to walk out of the lunchroom and they see Mr. Buckle. Mr. Buckle saw them to. Mr. Buckle said who are you they said that they are studies. Mr. Buckle said ok and then he sees a sine it says chicken nuggets thieves it looked like theme. So Mr. buckle called for more back up, and said to stop in the name of the law. They stopped, Mr. Buckle said pot the chicken nuggets down and get down on the grown, and Mr. Buckle arrested the ninja’s and on one ever saw the ninja’s again.

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