True Friends or Worst Enemies?

February 29, 2008
By Sierra Shoemaker, Huntingdon, PA

Everyone was looking at me and laughing for no reason. I thought that I might have something on my face or something. But it wasn’t that at all. This was the start to a horrible day in ninth grade.

Over the weekend I had went to my friends’ house and we were all playing truth or dare. When it was my turn, I decided to do a truth.

Ashley said,” Tell us your deepest, darkest secret.”

Well, I told them, but now I totally regret it. Today at school they must have told everyone about my secret.

Everyone was laughing and saying,” Look at Lydia.”
I started getting suspicious, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the night they found out. When I walked into 3rd period Ashley, Chelsea, and Brooke were all staring at me.

I knew it was something to do with me and I said, “You didn’t.”

And they said, “Oh yes, we did.”

I ran out of the classroom in tears. Everyone at East High was laughing at me and I couldn’t wait until that day was over. I walked home but I usually went with my “friends” but not anymore they told my secret to everyone at school and I couldn’t wait to get them back.

The next day, I was at my locker waiting for them to walk by so I could talk to them about yesterday. But of course they didn’t come by so I went to my classroom and asked the teacher if I could use the restroom and the girls were in there talking about me.

I walked in and said, “Whatever you three are saying about me you better stop because you three are really starting to make me mad.”

Ashley said, “We could never talk about you.”

I replied, “I just heard you and I am never going to talk to you three ever again, because I can’t trust you guys like I use too.”

Then I walked out and still there were some people laughing at me and I was so angry. I didn’t want to go to cheerleading practice because those irresponsible girls were on the cheerleading squad.

I knew something was going to happen at practice. This is what happened Chelsea is going to have a really cool birthday party for her sweet 16 and I was mad because I thought that she would only invite popular people to her party but actually she didn’t, she invited non-popular people too and that surprised me a lot.

But then they all walked up to me and said, “Can we be friends again. We are really sorry we were talking about you, and we are also really sorry for telling your secret to everyone, we just want you to be our friend again.”

I replied, “As long as there is no more fighting because I can’t handle the pressure that puts me in.”

Brooke said, “Are we friends or what?”

I said, “Yeah of course.”

Chelsea said, “Do you want to come to my party?”

“Definitely,” I replied before she could even get the rest of her sentence out.

That night I was so tired that I fell asleep around 8:30 p.m. And I didn’t wake up until 6:30 a.m. That was the longest time I have ever slept but the worst part was I forgot to do my homework and I got in a lot of trouble with my teacher that day. I mean a lot of trouble. I can only miss my homework assignment one more time or I could get a detention or even be kicked off the cheerleading squad. I got so worried after that happened.

That night I called up Ashley and said, “I need your help with something.”
She said, “Okay but with what?”

I said, “If I miss one more homework assignment I could get a detention or even get kicked off the cheerleading squad and I don’t want that to happen. What should I do because I kind of forgot my homework for tonight?”

Ashley replied, “Just call someone up and ask them if they can tell you the problems.”

I said, “Okay that sounds good. Thanks a lot for your help.”

“Yeah you’re welcome,” said Ashley.

After that I called up this girl named Kelsey from my math class and I said to her, “Hey Kelsey this is Lydia from your math class. I was wondering if you could give me the problems to the math questions. I forgot my homework at school, if you can give them to me that would be wonderful and a great help.”
Kelsey replied, “Sure I can give them to you let me get my math book.”

Then Kelsey gave me the questions and I was saved and I kept saying, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You saved my life.”

She said, “Yeah anytime you forget your homework you can surely ask me I will certainly give you the questions. Bye.”

“Bye,” I replied.

That night I was so happy that she gave me the questions to our math homework. I felt really good inside and I couldn’t wait to go back to school and tell my math teacher that I did get my homework done.

In the morning I got up and looked at my cell phone and it said 1 new message. Whenever I looked at it, it was from Ashley and she wrote, “I just wanted to tell you that Chelsea, Brooke, and I were just playing with you and we are not your friends anymore but actually we never were. I was just telling you that and Chelsea wants her invitation to her party back because we don’t want you at her party. Oh yeah one more thing we hope you get kicked off the cheerleading squad. Ha”

This came to me as a surprise. I mean I thought that we were becoming friends again. Apparently we never were friends, and now we never will be.
I walked up to Chelsea, “You can have this back u backstabbing jerk! I wouldn’t come to your party even if you wanted me to.” I turned and walked down the hall. I looked back one more time just so I could remember the look on her face. She looked like someone had just run over her puppy. From that day on Chelsea and her friends never gave me any trouble.

The past 4 weeks at East High have been very quiet between the girls and me. Ashley had to be sent to military school because her parents thought she was too mean to kids and they wanted to teach her a lesson At least now I know that true friends are one in million, not just anyone.

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