Survival to the Finish

February 29, 2008
By Cole Moore, Huntingdon, PA

“I have finally invented the ultimate virus to control people!” The mad scientist was hollering at the top of his lungs with his glasses almost falling off. “Now, now I just need a perfect test subject to infect,” he said devilishly. To his misfortune, he was going to turn out to be his own subject. A drop of the liquid dripped into his open cut, infecting him immediately with his most advanced virus he had made. Suddenly, the SWAT team came in to arrest the mad man after confirming his purpose, but they were too late. His infection was complete and the mad scientist infected the team just by slashing them.The infection spread into their bodies.They were definitely defeated. All this was the beginning of the end of Vention City.

I was relaxed after a good soccer practice.
“You almost killed me with that last shot!” said Dave furiously at Louis. “You guys have anger issues,” Bill said very calmly. I knew somebody was going to make scene so I suggested, “How about we just get to school and not detention?” They let it go and when we reached our destination of the school in a few minutes, we were very confused.

“Where is everybody!?” Bob said in a very loud and frightened way. The halls echoed his questioning voice.
“Maybe there is an epidemic,” Dave mumbled in a very sarcastic way.
“Nah. I think they all left to go on a field trip” I assumed.
“ A terrifying incident has happened to Vention City,” said a shallow voice.
“Who was that?” Bob yelled almost jumping out of his skin.
“I don’t know, but I plan on finding out.” Louis said very seriously. We walked down dim, trashed hallways in a very awkward silence. “How far away is that voice?” Bob asked anxiously. “I would tell you but,” I told Bob until I was cut off by a, “I found it!” Bill screamed from down a very dark and narrow hall. When we got to the classroom I was very surprised.

The room looked as if a group of angry bulls rampaged through it. Desks were turned over, books everywhere, and there was a lot of broken equipment. I thought maybe someone had gone into a psychotic breakdown, but when I heard some of the news, I could see a clear explanation on how this could happen.

“Stop being an idiot and turn up the TV!” Bob ordered me.
“Well that explains the voice,” I mumbled as I strolled over the trash on the floor to turn up the ancient TV. When I turned it up, I was about to think the world was coming to an end.

“We are now sure that everyone has evacuated Vention City. The virus has gone through a swat team making their 14 people infected. We have locked down Vention City so there is no escape for the viruses. This report has been brought to you by NFY news. We’ll keep you updated about this tragedy on the hour and good day!” The news reporter finished. All of us were we’re frightened and realize this could be the last of all of us.
“So what do we do now?” Dave wondered.
“What can we do?” Bill panicked franticly.
“We should probably prepare for them,” I said,my voice drifting off.
“How in the world do we fight zombie infected people that only took one of them to defeat swat team?” Bill said persistently and very frightened.
“Well I don’t know about you guys, but I think we’re all doomed,” Dave said in a pathetic mumble.
“Quit your griping and tell me where you think is the safest and least obvious place in Vention,” I said demandingly. Most of them thought it was hopeless, but they started to work with me and Bill claimed, “ I would say probably in a very secure and overlooked area."
“Good, but do you have a certain suggestion on where one might be?” I said wisely.
Bob replied, “ Maybe we should just stay here.”
“ I would think it is quite an obvious place, not to mention unsafe.” I tried to convince him. “A stay here for too long will surely turn out deadly.”
“I have a good one!” Bill exclaimed. “How about in the sewer where they were first infected? They would never check there!” Bill said brilliantly.
“Great idea!” All of us yelled at the same moment. And so we began to our next location, hoping not to find the infected before we got there.

“I’m tired,” Dave and Bob whined.
“Either this or the virus infects,” I said irritably.
“I know it is far but I want to be safe and not a dead virus thing,” Bill called back to them. It was a little farther away, but when we saw the unthinkable, we were going to run as if there was no tomorrow.

“I really, and I mean really, hate this.” Just about when we were about to give them another lecture, Bob and Dave called out to us in a quick and terrified duo of voices,“ Run!” And as I turned around there were three of the swat tem members in front of me. I saw their greenish white skin, evil groans, and sinister claws coming toward me.
I was saved by unselfish Bill who had jumped out in front of me and had taken the blow.“Your sacrifice means a mile of words to me,” I whispered to myself, promising myself not to give up until I had freed my infected friend. I began dashing toward Bill’s suggestion, the lab.
I ran for a few minutes before I caught up to Bob and Dave. I felt as if I would weep from overflowing anger and sadness in me about their selfishness. “Did you lose them?” Bob asked, concerned about his own self-being.
“Yeah and where is Bill?” interrogated Dave.
“I should leave both of you here and let you be infected slowly and painfully!” I said.I almost choked on my sadness.
“ Isn’t that kind of harsh?” joked Dave, still not understanding.
“Because of your cowardice, the virus people almost killed me and Bill jumped out in front, saving me. I can’t believe you guys can live with your selves!” I yelled disappoinedly.
“ Well what could we have done?” Bob said as if he was being questioned by an officer.
“You could have done things that would take hours to name. Now move unless you object to anymore of my orders.” I commanded, and they did as they were told. I thought to myself “One down, three to go.”
“We have reached our destination.” I commented. Both of them got big grins. But all of the sudden Bob remarked, “I have two questions for you.”
“A pleasant surprise, ask at your will.” I answered.
“OK, first, what will happen to Bill? I feel guilty he got infected.”
“We do.” Dave admitted.
I kept my temper to myself and replied, “You both should, and I still don’t have the information yet.”
“Next is, well, why are you using such “sophisticated” vocabulary? You're hardly yourself anymore.”
“Right now I can’t show my emotions well because I won’t let them get the better of me. A quite simple idea.” I told them. “Now let us journey into his laboratory.” I said as I very slowly trudged toward the lab, both Dave and Bob following.
“Look at this mess!” Dave bellowed.
“Not exactly what I had in mind, but I shall take a browse around,” I drifted off at the end. The place was a treacherous mess and I stumbled to where a book was. “A book studying viruses,” I thought to myself. Then, when I thought it couldn’t get worse, a terrifying thing that scarred me emotionally for life occurred.
Dave, who was infected, was glaring toward me. I dared to speak, but Bob did before me, screaming “Get away!” and looked frightened out of his skin. There were only two, but the other was the most advanced, the mad scientist. “So, this is the final stand? Where it ends? I will put aside all the danger and will survive.” Dave said bravely. He got a light lamp and threw it, hitting the scientist right in the head, causing little trickles of greenish liquid to come out. “Seems we’ll have to fight them with our wits. I think they we might have a chance,” I claimed to them but Bob was running toward them and was unfortunately delirious. He was slashed right across his shoulder and was also infected, not standing a chance against it. “The crazy fool, well it hurts me to injure him but it must be done, “ I told Dave. Then our fight for survival began.
We stood there for what seemed an eternity. Finally they attacked. We didn’t stand too much of a chance if they got close. So I thought of making them stay farther away. I found something called “Hetmythries” on a jar and whaled it toward their direction. It splattered on them all and somehow caused them a lot of pain which made all three retreat. “They have indeed retreated by the power of this gel,” I declared.
“So what’s the new tactic?”
“We must wait for them, and we must grow stronger, and when we get stronger, we will bring them all back to normal. Then we must tell another city to let us free and that there are no more infects,” I explained.
“How long will this take?” Dave questioned.
“It maybe many years, but let us being our preparations!

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