Super Bowl 48

February 29, 2008
By dustin foor, Huntingdon, PA

Stan and his teammates were throwing the ball back and forth getting ready for Super Bowl 48 to start. “You know I think we will defiantly win this one the Dogs have no chance against us,” said Stan. As the announcer came over the loudspeaker Stan and his teammates ran over to the

bench to get ready for the national anthem. They put their helmets on and went out to the 50-yard line for the coin toss. It was Stan, Bob, Chris, Dave, and Jake out at the 50-yard line to call the coin. The ref, with a mean snarling look on his face, tossed the coin up in the air. Dave yelled, “heads.” The coin dropped to the ground and they all looked at the ground and the Ligers captains started to turn around to see what the head coach wanted to do.

Jim the head coach put one finger up for the sign to receive the kick. They ran off the field to get the kick return team on the field. Stan was back deep to return along side Dave. The kicker went back to the line put his hand up to signal he was ready to kick.

Stan scrambled over to were the ball was coming down from and opened his hands and caught the ball. He fumbled the ball around for a second and then got a grip on it and ran to the right side, running straight with nine blockers in front of him. The 40 the 30 the 20 the 10 TOUCHDOWN. The game was now 6-0. Stan and his teammates cheered and ran back to the 10-yard line for the field goal. Stan went to the sideline to get some air. Jake the kcker kicked the ball rights through the uprights. Stan went back out on the field to get read for the kick off. He stood right beside Jake and when he kicked the ball Stan went charging down field. He couldn’t see the ball or who had it but he could hear the opposing team yelling left left. He went right witch was there left until the ball carrier came into view. He immediately charged towards him and smothered him to the ground. When he hit the ground the ball came loose and Stan picked it up and ran. The 20 the 10 touchdown. Stan had scored yet another touchdown for the Ligers the game was now 14-0. The clock hit 0 witch meant it was the end of the first quarter.

Stan and his teammates were in a slump and not knowing what to do they were falling behind lot and getting sacked most of the time. The Dogs were scoring a lot of points.

The game went on even at one point the dogs got ahead and it was 21-14. But not for long the ligers came ahead now crushing the dogs 134-38. It was the most points ever scored in football history it looked, as the ligers were unbeatable.

The game was now in the fourth quarter and the ligers had no chance of losing. There was only 38 seconds left in the game and the ligers were getting ready to celebrate. Bob took 3 knees and a spike once to end the game.

Just when they thought the game was over the ref called a foul. Chris the fullback immediately knew that it was him who caused the foul. He looked at the ref and the ref turned on the mic. “Un-sportsman like conduct, number 34 ligers.” Everyone started looking at Chris with a mean face. The ligers would have to restart with the clock at 4 min. what everyone said 4 minutes ago you should have called the foul then the ref turned the mike on again and said. “Un-sports man like conduct numbers 12, 34, 53 and 22 also 46. Bob Chris Stan Dave and Jake had all been penalized the ref moved the clock back another 4 minutes. The whole team was furious ready to quit. But just at the moment the ref came over the mic and said 7 minutes have been deducted. The game now only had 1 minute left and the Ligers were much more happy now. They ran on the field took two knees and the game was over. Through all the confusion mishap and frustration the Ligers had finally won a super bowl and now it was time to celebrate.

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