The Tragedy

February 29, 2008
By Tori Hess, Huntingdon, PA

It was a nice spring day. The birds were chirping and the wind was blowing. I just got out of the hot shower and smelled the fresh smell of new flowers from down in the garden blowing in… I heard my phone ring. It was Ally my best friend she told me they were having a dorm party that night and wanted me to come. They were having pizza and dancing and other stuff. As I got off the phone with Ally, Morgan called and told me that she wanted to get ready with me and go to the party together. I told her to be at my dorm by 5 because the party starts at 7.
It was almost lunchtime so I walked over to the cafeteria to get some lunch it was my favorite, tacos. Then after that I went home to study before Morgan came over because we have a big test on Monday. Then it was finally five o’clock I heard a knock on my door it was Morgan, “Hi party buddy. Are you ready to get ready for the best party of the year?”
“Oh yeah,” I said happily. She got in the shower and took forever it was almost 6 and she just got done drying her hair. I had to curl my hair real fast and put on my favorite pair of Hollister jeans that I just got from the mall when my parents came up to visit me and my pink Abercrombie tank top, then got my socks on and my pink converse high tops…. Morgan got dressed quickly and brushed her hair before we left. We started walking down the stairs then the whole way across the campus it took almost forty-five minutes because Morgan had to wear her new high heels that Josh, her new boyfriend, got her for Easter.
Finally we got there as soon as I walked into the room they gave me red plastic cups with something clear in it. I asked what it was they just said, “Drink it Silly it is good.” I took a sip it was horrible I thought I would get used to it but I think after four hours of drinking it I was already drunk after the first two hours. I could not believe some of my best friends got me drunk what kind of friends do I have?
The next three hours were nightmares. My friends all dared me to do bloody Mary I was too drunk to be smart and say no so I said yes just to impress everyone I was not the smartest girls in school but was the prettiest girl, a lot of people looked up to me, they wanted to be like me. So my friend’s thought that I would be drunk enough to get me too do bloody Mary, and they sure did do a good job at that. I almost passed out.
But what I never told anyone was that I had a heart disease and have had it since I was just four years old. I have something in my heart that if I get to stressed or scared it will ring. My family was so upset when they found out because they knew that I could die at anytime that’s why they wanted me to go to a college close to home, so if anything happens. So my friends were saying that if it were true then you would hear a bell ring before she comes. So I went into the girls bathroom and I said bloody Mary five times and was spinning while it happened someone came from the second bathroom stale and grabbed me and I thought it was bloody Mary and heart scanner beeped and I passed out and everyone rushed in, I heard all there footsteps. I screamed I had blood all over my chest. They all called the ambulance after waiting ten minutes they finally arrived, I was in a comma for about 4 days I hated it everyone was so worried…. I woke up for a couple of minutes Ally, Morgan, Josh and other people that were at the dorm party were there my parents and best friends were crying. They hated me like this, they just wanted there best friend back.
All my family and friends brought me chocolate, teddy bears, and balloons they all said “I am so glad you’re up Sally” The red alert came among them. They screamed for the doctor they knew that I was going to die. Said the big crowed” why does this happen to us?” What did we ever do to you dear god?” After the miserable tragedy they had a funeral on Monday. I could see everything that was happening what people said and everything. I was in Heaven now I was watching over them all. I haunted the ones that hated me and made me do Bloody Marry and scared them. I was getting back at them. Until one day I heard Morgan’s voice. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t, it was true. I could hear her taking to me. I could see her. She told me to give them another chance, if they were my true friends they would know I want them to be happy because they were all miserable after I died. I missed all my friends. I remembered the times we shared together. I started to cry. Morgan didn’t know what she said that made me so sad.
“Sally, are you going to be okay?” Morgan muttered
“Yes I will be I just need sometime alone but thanks you opened my eyes,” I said sobbing. “Well I just want you to know that I love you a lot Morgan, you and Ally will always be my best friends tell Ally the same,” I said.
“Okay I will.” Morgan started to cry too. “Alright well I have to go. Please give them another chance.” Morgan said sadly. “Bye FOREVER babe.” I said fast. “BYE! Have a good life in heaven always watch over me!” Said Morgan crying.

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