The Girl I Think About in School

February 29, 2008
By Derek Hamman, Huntingdon, PA

I’m waiting for the bus at my bus stop; I stop thinking and say, “Where is that bus driver” Then I say, “Oh, there he is.” The bus stops let’s me on and then we leave to school. We arrive at school and I sit in front of the bus, so I get off first. I go to room 14 where my homeroom is with all the other kids, including Elisa, which is the girl I like, I go over to her and say, “Hi Elisa” and she says hi back to me. Sometimes, I give her tests and also jokes to do.
In the middle of the day I was telling my friends who I liked. So, then everyone I told, told Elisa that I liked her. So, then I thought to myself,” I wonder what she would do when she finds out that I like her.” Would she like me or would she even care that I like her.
Near the end of the day, in social studies I was Mr. Anders. I wanted to know what it felt like to be the teacher for once. We put are names on a piece of paper and put it in a box with everyone else names on it. Mr. Anders picked out the names that were in the box. I sat their saying to my self,” Is it me that got picked out of the box of names.” I actually got picked out of the box of names, so I started to teach the class. Then in science class when we get are grades for science I then show Elisa my grade and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. She says,” How do you get a grade like that in science.”
When it’s time to leave to go home I sometimes say,”Good bye” to Elisa, but she ignores me most of the time. Then I just walk out the door and I forget about everything I did. I walk to the bus all the way at the end of the HAHS and I get on the bus and I start to go home. I really want to think about something so I start to think of Elisa, I’m saying in my head, “ I know she would never go out with me.” I know that for a fact! Then I get home and I just go to sleep. Finally, I don’t have any dreams about anybody that I know.
Then the next day Curtis Davidson asked her out for me in science, but in a whisper voice. I asked myself,” Why would Curtis do that to me?” Then I looked over at Elisa and she was shaking her head no, or did Curtis Davidson ask her something else. After that I asked Elisa if she still liked me, and she said,” No, I still like you.” Just not in that kind of way. That’s when I knew she would not go out with me, never ever!

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