The Pain

February 29, 2008
By Dakota Wilson, Huntingdon, PA

In New York City during the war with Cuba, two guys are talking about how they could help the soldiers. Their names are Jacob and Derek. Then a guy walks out of the shadows and says, “You boys dream about it, you should do it.”
Then Jacob asks,” How, are we supposed to help?”
The mysterious guy says, “You boys could help by joining the army.”
Then Jacob says, “But I have a beautiful wife here name is christen.”

Then the guy says, “So, you’ll be fine. It’s not like we don’t have a chance to beat Cuba.”
Then the mystery man says, “Join the army and join the fight for justice.”

Then Derek leaves and goes home. Jacob is alone in New York City at the street corner with the mysterious man. Then the man leaves and Jacob is truly alone. Then Jacob sees a bus coming. It is speeding at him like a hungry cheetah running after its prey. He thought he was going to get hit but right at the last second another guy comes from the other corner and tackles Jacob out of the way of the bus and says, “Hi my name is Justin what’s your name?” Jacob still shaking from almost being hit by the bus says, “M-m-my name is j-j-Jacob.” “Th-th-thank you for saving my life, I was stunned because I was so scared.” Justin says,” Do you have a wife?” Yes, I do have a wife.” Answered Jacob

Jacob says, ” I would tell her about you but she won’t believe me.”
“If I go with you she would believe you” Says Justin ”besides I would love to meet your wife.” Justin announces.

But while Jacob and Justin are becoming good friends Derek is at home watching television and then a commercial comes on. It tells Derek about joining the army and it says,” hay you, yeah the person sitting on the couch watching television do you want to help our army defeat Cuba then you should join the army and help save the U.S.A.”

Then in a hurry Derek picks up his phone and called Jacob and says, “Jacob I just saw a committal and it sounded like it could see me and said to join the army.

Then Jacob said, “So, it was just a stupid committal”

“It wasn’t just a committal to me I mean it came on right when I turned on the television and we saw that stranger earlier so I’m going to join.” says Derek madly.

Then Jacob says convinced “fine I’ll join to.”

Then finally the next day they signed up for he army. They where in the training center by 5:00 p.m. the next day getting the training they need when they saw the stranger again only this time he was in uniform and was bossing people around so Jacob goes up and asks “hay didn’t we see you yesterday?” and the mysterious guy says, “yes you did so I see you took my advice and joined the army. You know we will make you want to kill the enemy soldiers so get in uniform and get ready for your training. Then there was an urgent call from the president saying to get all of the trainees’ and put their uniforms on them because their going to Cuba and then Jacob and Derek where assigned their positions both where in air forces. Then their being flew to Cuba on a carrier plane then it gets shot. Then Jacob and Derek get in to their planes and take off. They fly around for hours upon hours looking for the plane that shot the other carrier plane down but in stead they find the base and call in for back up so they can bomb it. They stick around for around five hours then the bomber finally gets there and bombs the base and makes the general surrender there for winning the war for the U.S.A. So the Cubans finally lost to the dominant country.

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