The Eye Doctor

February 29, 2008
By Kyle Thompson, Huntingdon, PA

“Well it’s not good,” the eye doctor says looking at the results. “Your eyes got much worse.”

“How much worse did they get?” Richard’s mom blurts.

“Seven points in his right eye and nine points in his left eye. Rich, you really need to let up on playing video games. You should only be playing them for about thirty minutes every day. After that just get up and go do something else.”

Rich and his mom stepped outside but Rich lingered behind because he knew what was coming. He slowly stepped into the back seat of the vehicle. Slumped down in the seat Rich tried to hide from what his mother was about to say. “No more video games for you,” said mom while turning the car on.

“How long will I not be allowed to play them for?” Rich asked sheepishly.

“If you want to keep talking it’ll just get worse,” mom said with a very disgusted voice.
In the back of the vehicle Rich almost lied in his seat to hide his shame. He knew he shouldn’t have said anything. There was silence for a few moments until mom turned the radio on. Rich heard something on the radio that his mom wouldn’t have want him to have heard. Mom changed the station immediately but it was too late. He had heard enough. Mom said in a fast and worried voice “Don’t get any ideas; you aren’t getting the Wii portable. You need to be cutting back on video games remember? All you’ll do is play on it if you get it.”
Rich and mom got home and Rich went strait to dad because dad is his only hope to get the Wiip. Dad said he would have to think about it. Rich didn’t know why he said that because Rich knows he’ll get it. If mom doesn’t tell dad not to get Rich the Wiip, he will get it.
That night something frightening happened to Rich and he didn’t even realize the danger and truth of it. He though that it was just another bad dream. Rich dreamt that one morning he would wake to a dark world. Rich would be blind forever and never again be able to play video games.

The next morning Rich woke to his door opening. It was dad with a “surprise” even though Rich knew what it was. Rich’s dad isn’t good with surprises because he always gets what he wants and the day after he asked for it. He opened it immediately and started playing it without reading the instruction booklet or eating breakfast and lunch.

For the next six years Rich played video games almost nonstop until his mom took all his video games. Rich was so addicted by then he found all his systems and took them back. After that his mom had no control over how many video games he played. She also couldn’t get Rich to go to the eye doctor.

Two years later, when Rich was nineteen, he dreamt that same dream that he had eight years ago. Rich dreamt that he would wake to a dark world, never to be able to see again. He woke up immediately to a cold sweat and his eyes sore. A little worried he drifts back to sleep. Again Rich dreamt the same thing and couldn’t wake up! He fell out of bed with a hard thump that he felt too much of. Scrambling to his feet, he ran trying to find someone but all he found was a wall that he plowed into. Still, Rich felt too much pain. Realizing this wasn’t a dream he fumbled the phone to call his mom. Feeling he bump on the five button, he slowly dialed his mom’s phone number. Rich’s mom said I told you so then hung up. Rich didn’t know what to do. He was blind.

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