Video Games

February 29, 2008
By Bryant Weller, Huntingdon, PA

Bob was walking home on a very cold and snowy Saturday when he saw kids sitting on the couch playing video games instead of playing outside. He didn’t like video games at all because he thought that they made kids fat and showed to much violence and influenced kids to greatly. Bob was just coming from his friend Jimmy’s house where they spent the day playing in the snow. In the past both boys have protested video game stores but had no luck and got kicked out. Both of them are 14 and neither like video games so they just play outside instead. Each of them makes signs in there spare time and then on the weekends they go to the store to protest. This weekend they were going to Wal-Mart to protest there because there are always people there and some people might listen to them.

During this week of school all they would think about what they were going to do at Wal-Mart on Saturday. On Friday night Jimmy slept over at Bob’s house so they could get ready and be there early tomorrow morning. When morning came they were both excited and hurriedly ate there breakfast and got dressed. At about 9 o’clock in the morning they were ready to go so they got their bikes and they pedaled as fast as they could. They arrived in about 5 minutes and as usual the parking lot was crammed and there were no spaces empty to park. Luckily they had their bikes and they just used the bike rack instead of waiting for a space to open up.

As they walked in they were pushed and punched and kicked from all the people that were there and they were lucky to get out in one piece. They ducked and dodged through the crowd as they were making their way to the video games. When they reached the video games they noticed that as usual it was also crowded with kids of all ages. Jimmy was the shy one of the two and made a dumb excuse to leave, which left Bob there by himself with all those people. Bob tried to blend in with the crowd until Jimmy got back from getting his mom some things. He returned with some things for his mom and tried to talk Bob into leaving and maybe coming back later but Bob didn’t want to leave. Jimmy walked in circles wondering how he could leave. Then he thought that he could tell him his mom needs him but he would suspect it and tell him to wait so he just stayed there to help. They put up there signs and as people walked by they stared and wondered what they were doing. Then the manager came out and told them they were ruining his business ad they should get lost. As they trudged out of the store they saw kid after kid coming out with video games, which made both boys feel as if they were not making any difference at all.
On there way home they were talking about how they should just stop protesting because no matter what they do no one will listen to them. During the next week at school they didn’t make any more signs and didn’t make any planning because they decided to give up protesting. Then on Wednesday a kid came up to Bob and told him that he didn’t like video games either and he will help to fight against them. After school Bob told Jimmy all about what the kid had said and how he and his friends would like to help them protest because they don’t like video games either. At first Jimmy didn’t want to but after a talk with Bob his mind was changed and he wanted to help them.

There new friends were a big help and they weren’t afraid to talk to strangers or even there friends. On Saturday they went to the mall that was just put in and headed straight for the video game section. As usual the place was packed and it was hard to even move anywhere it was so packed. Having their new friends there they helped them not to be scared and they told everyone not to buy video games. To there surprise some of the parents that were there actually left saying that there kids don’t need video games. They were very pleased with their work even though most of the people still left the store with a video game. This time instead of getting kicked out they got people that believed in the same thing they did, getting rid of video games.

For the next couple of weeks they went back to the mall but had little luck and only got a couple of followers. Now they had about 10 followers and getting even more but this week when they went there, there was no one there but a couple of people. Bob and his friends asked the clerk where everyone was and she said that business was bad ever since they started coming here. They kind of felt bad from the bad business but happy that no one was buying video games anymore. Since there was no one there the kids decided leave and maybe come back later to see if anyone was there. As the day went on Bob caught up with Jimmy and they decided to go back to the mall. They gathered up all there new friends and headed for the mall once again. When they made it to the video games section they noticed once again that it was almost completely empty. This made them very happy to see that what they were doing actually was making a difference. As they made their way home they decided to go back to Wal-Mart to once again try their luck there. Once the got there they noticed that no one was buying video games and they weren't playing them. The boys didn't think they needed to protest anymore because everyone was listening to them. They were on top of the world and now people saw it as they see it and they stopped buying video games.

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