The Secret That Changed My life

February 29, 2008
By Hope Stamas, Mattawan, MI

“Yeah okay, see ya tomorrow night. I know it will be so much fun!” I hung up the phone and sighed. Wow, I can’t believe it, it has finally happened! Talk about amazing, I thought. All of a sudden the phone started to ring. “Hello?” I asked with boredom.

“Hi Claire, this happens to be your mom,” my mother informed me.

“Oh hey, what up?”

“Um well I have some important news to tell that will involve you.”

“you gonna tell me?”

“Okay well, I have been offered a new job in Seattle, Washington and I’ve decided to take it so the movers will come in a couple of days.”

“You can’t expect me to move all the way to Seattle! I finally feel used to living in Sydney. How could you do this to me again Mom!”
That happened one year ago, my mom and I still haven’t talked. We did end up moving to Seattle but so far no one has really liked me for the person I act like. That is except for Jake. Jake, my only real friend, the only person who always understands what I say. (most people can’t because of my accent) and he always knows how to cheer me up when I feel down in the dumps. He acts so amazing but the problem that has occurred; I think I like him as more than a friend! I don’t know what I will do! I can’t tell him but I don’t know how much longer I can last before it leaks out. Anyway I have gotten all A’s in school so far which can't seem that impressive. I should probably stop telling you this and get ready for school because, well, the bus just passed my stop!

It took me ten minutes to put my clothes on, brush my teeth, and go. I started sprinting out of the house and then down the street toward the school, dodging people, and jumping out of the way of cars until I finally got to school. I bolted down the hall to my locker and quickly did my combination, 43-21-7. I put my stuff away and ran into class. My teacher, Mrs. Luther, turned around and looked at me, the annoyance exploding out of her like a bomb blowing up a building. I just sat in my seat and she went back to her teaching.

After class Mrs. Luther called me to her desk and asked why I came to class late again. The only answer that I could think of that would make any sense without telling my secret, “I missed the bus because…..”

“NO excuses Claire. This is the third time this week.” Mrs. Luther screamed, she had the come-late-again-and-detention-for-a-month look on her face.

“Okay Mrs. Luther it will not happen again and I apologize.” I turned and walked out of class. I went to my locker and opened it. I put my L.A stuff back, grabbed my history binder and book out, and shut my locker. I turned the way that I had to go for my next class when guess who I saw walking towards me? Jake! All of a sudden I couldn’t breath! My jaw dropped down with awe and I could feel my body fall against my locker as I tried to take in air and then close my mouth but it didn’t work so well.

He was wearing a light brown Abercrombie & Fitch shirt that formed around his muscular arms. His sandy brown hair, curling at the edges, hung low in his puppy-dog brown eyes, his light blue jeans covered his white and black Air Jordan’s that were squeaking on the polished floors. He smelled like Driven, really good smelling Derek Jeter cologne and he was chewing gum that judging by the smell, tasted like spearmint.

Okay I really don’t think that I can keep my secret any longer he just looks too cute! Oh, my, gosh, he has almost made it over to me, what am I going to say? Oh I know, “Um hey Jake what up?” I asked. Wow what a good cover!

“Hey Claire nothing is up except that I………well I have to tell you something, something important.”

“Well okay! Okay I can’t keep it in I have to tell him that I like him! Jake, I have to tell you something too!”

“Oh okay, well I’m going first. Claire, I like you and I am just wondering if, if you would go out with me?”

He just asked me out! I can’t believe it,”Yes! Yeah I will! That's what I planned to tell you, that I liked you!”

“Awesome I’ll call you tonight okay?”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting even if it’s one in the morning! Joking”

“Hey, Jake, what up?”

“Oh, well, nothing except talking to you babe. Hey, you busy Friday night?”

“Um no I don't think so?”

“Great we can go see a movie; I’ll pick you up at eight okay?”

“Yeah I’ll see ya tomorrow night; it will be so much fun!” I hung up the phone. Oh my goodness, I feel so happy that I could scream into my pillow, so happy that I would twirl around my room, and so happy that I could run downstairs and give my mom a huge hug and tell her how sorry I am and that I forgive her. I could but I won’t. Maybe someday…………

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