Win of a Lifetime

February 29, 2008
By Kiley Dubbs, Huntingdon, PA

“In the bottom of the ninth, the score is four to seven, the Yankees are winning and Cardinals are at bat. With William Franks on second base, Manny Romo is now up to bat for the Cardinals,” said the announcer. On a sunny Sunday afternoon in St. Louis, Missouri we are here to see who is the winner of the two thousand and thirteen Major League Championship.
Manny, a twenty-two year old, he has been playing baseball on a team since he was six, but has been hitting and throwing a ball since he was very young. He has played baseball for many teams such as the Twins, Tigers, Little League Cardinals, and many more. Now he is currently playing for the Major League Cardinals. William Franks is a twenty-three year old and has been playing baseball ever since he was about nine years of age. When he went to collage he got an academic scholarship in science and also a scholarship in baseball.
The pitcher threw the ball, “Strike one!!!” said the umpire. As the pitcher, Jacob Dubbs wiped the sweat off his head and walked back to the mound, he told himself that he could strike Manny out, which he could be the one. Jacob is twenty-two and has been playing baseball on a team since he was seven. Jacob and his sister, Kiley Ramirez, have been “fun playing” since they were about two. They both wanted to fulfill the dream of becoming a Major League baseball player and both had different aspirations when it came to teams. Jacob wanted to play for the Yankees because he was a die-hard fan and he followed the team very well. Kiley wanted to play for the Cardinals ever since she started playing ball. Now, they both got what they worked for and deserved and now they are wonderful baseball players. William looked to steal but Jacob was to quick to the mound. The next pitch was thrown, “Look at that ball fly, and its gone!!!” the announcer bellowed. The crowd screamed and clapped with joy. That hit ran William in and the score now five to seven. Everyone on the Cardinals stood by home plate waiting for Manny to cross they went wild when he crossed home plate, screaming, hollering, and patting Manny on the back. Now the score is six seven. Manny thought that it would never happen, for him to actually get to see the ball flying threw the air right in front of him. “WOW!!! This is amazing, I… I can’t believe I actually was the one and only thing to make that ball sore threw the air.” This means the Yankees are only ahead by one point.
“Next up for the cardinals is Zebadieth Ersek.”Jacob throws the ball, strike one!! He gets the ball and walks back to the mound. ‘I hope I can strike this kid out, we aren’t doing to well.’ He thought to himself. He set up, stepped to the side, brought his leg up and slingshot the ball at a whipping speed of eighty-seven miles per hour. Strike two!! ‘Good, I am doing okay for right now but I am not going to get my hopes up. I still will strive to overcome Zebadieth.’ Jacob winds up again and slingshots the ball down to the catcher Jeff Thompson. Jeff is twenty-three and has been playing baseball since he was about six years of age. He has a dream to be in baseball history and by the rate he is going now he might just make it there. He played baseball for the White Sox in instructional league, his first two years in little league he played for the Orioles, his second two years he played for the Braves, then made it to Teener League then continued on to high school then college, and then made it on the Yankees. Good job Jeff good job!! “Whoa look at that, strike three, and Zebadieth is out. That’s two outs for the Cardinals.”
Next up for the Cardinals is Craig Rodregess. Craig is twenty-three years old and has been playing baseball since he was eight. He has a dream of becoming a famous person from selling products for sports. Stuff such as bats, mitts, sliding shorts, and many other things. He thought that he would play some ball with major leaguers to see what it was like and to see how good the products are because he hates false advertisement. Jacob wound up, look at that ball go, it’s a double! Craig thinks to himself saying that he can’t believe that he hit a double and kind of in a way saved his team.
Next up for the Cardinals is Kiley Ramirez. This is Jacob’s sister and she had the dream of becoming a major league baseball player for the Cardinals ever since she started playing baseball just like her brother. She is twenty-five years old and she is so glad that she made it this far in her career. Jacob winds up and the first ball is thrown. Strike one!!!! Jacob is hoping to strike her out but nobody is sure what is going to happen. She is feeling really determined to at least run Craig in. He winds and throws another ball and look at it fly, it’s a triple. That runs Craig in and this means the score is now seven to seven, with the game on the line. Whoa and look at that, there’s an error and that allows Kiley to score, now the overall score is eight to seven and the Cardinals are the winners of the championship. “Today was a wonderful day for both teams and they both did really well. I just wanted to congratulate both of the teams for doing their best. Both teams also put up a great fight to win an since Cardinals were the home team they kind of had an advantage to come back at the end and Jacob did a very nice pitching job trying to hold them at four to seven but it just wasn’t enough,” the announcer said joyfully. The Cardinals are very pleased with what they have accomplished today and they would like to thank each and every one in the audience because our fans and even the fans of the Yankees helped us pull through and win today. Our fans, young and old encourage us to do better and strive as hard as we can to do our best. When most of us were younger, we played baseball for little league and I don’t know where everyone came from but Jacob, Manny, Craig, Jeff, and Kiley all came from Huntingdon and there we had a motto that we said every time we had a baseball game. It stated:
“I trust in God,
I love my country,
And will respect its laws,
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or loose I will always do my best
Play ball!”
This is important to them because we love baseball and they would do anything to and everything to be our best we can be and do the best we can do.

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