The Basketball Game

February 29, 2008
By Kevin Neal, Huntingdon, PA

It was 5:30 in Altoona at the summit, there was 60 seconds on the clock, Lil’Shaq went to shoot but the other team got the ball and went down for a lay up. The clock now said 30 seconds Lil’Shaq stole the ball and went down for a slam-dunk. Followed by one of the other player’s hit the ball out of his hands and rabidly went down the court and made a lay up. The clock was at 10 seconds Lil’Shaq was nervous and was shaking like a jitterbug because he had to make a three pointer to win the game. He was running down court. There was 5 seconds left. He stopped. Three seconds. He shot and the game was over. The people in he crowd were shouting and cheering. The team was hopping up and down like a bunch of frogs. While the other team was swimming in there tears.
Ten years later, Lil’Shaq wakes up at 3:15 A.M. because of a bad dream he had about the basketball game. He decides to go to Hoss’s. He gets dressed and goes to Hoss’s and on his way people inside were thinking that he was crazy because he was out so late. When he gets there he orders as slow as a turtle because he is still tired. But then he smells the food so runs as fast as a road runner.
At that moment a man sits right in front of Lil’Shaq, and he just stares at the floor like he was frozen and couldn’t move. Then just when Lil’Shaq was about to summon the waiter the strange man said, “Wait don’t you remember me?” But Lil’Shaq was too shocked and couldn’t remember at all. Then the man whispered, “It’s me Lil’Kevin!” Lil’Shaq was so surprised that he almost peed his pants.
When Lil’Shaq came back to earth they got their food. Then they talked about the old times. But Lil’Shaq was thinking in is head “I swear he better not try to talk about what happened 10 years ago.” Out of nowhere Lil’Kevin asks about 10 years ago Lil’Shaq just ignores him and stares at his food. Next he says, “Are you going to eat that?” But Lil’Kevin said once more, “Come on, we can talk about it. That was 10 years ago.” Lil’Shaq starts to get red like a fire truck. “I don’t want to talk about it I said!” But Lil’Kevin still kept asking about what happened. Lil’Shaq asked, “Are you going to eat that?”
Afterward Lil’Kevin paused for a second and then blurted out, “Sure why not!”
Then as soon as Lil’Shaq was about to take a bite of food Lil’Kevin said, “So do you want to talk about the basketball game?” Lil’Shaq got up and took the food and whizzed it at Lil’Kevin and left Hoss’s.
After that Lil’Shaq got home and went to bed and he started to have the dream about the basketball game. The clock was at 3 seconds left he shot and it hit off the rim and rolled on the rim and fell off he had missed the winning shot. The team was screaming while the other team was weeping. So then Lil’Shaq gets up and leaves the gym and was never seen there again. Then suddenly he wakes up and is covered in sweat and he could hear a bang on the door.
Therefore, he gets out of bed and gets a baseball bat and opens the door and bang Lil’Shaq accidentally hit Lil’Kevin over the head. Then about twenty minutes later Lil’Kevin woke up on Lil’Shaq’s couch, which was scratched up, smelled like a cat had just peed on it, and looked like it was from the 1700’s. Then Lil’Shaq was yelping how sorry he was and how he didn’t mean to do that. Then Lil’Kevin stuttered, “It’s ok I know that you didn’t mean to.” Then Lil’Kevin told Lil’Shaq that he was moving to Washington to his kids and wife and that he was leaving tomorrow. Then Lil’Shaq just stared blankly into space and said, “Oh!”
“Yeah,” Lil’Kevin said. And I came here to ask you to play one last game of basketball. But Lil’Kevin thought that he already knew what Lil’Shaq was going to say but Lil’Shaq said, “Sure I guess!”
So at sunrise they both went out to play so that know one would see them playing. So they started to play, it was cold and brisk out and Lil’Shaq was in shorts, and a t-shirt. Lil’Kevin was wearing basketball shoes, and shorts, and had a sweatshirt on. During the game they would ask questions like “what have you been doing?” or “why haven’t I seen you in so long?” after a while the score was 5-5 and they were panting and gasping for air and people were almost out of there homes. They could taste the sweat running down their face and armpits. You could also tell that they needed water, because their mouths were as dry as a dessert. Their mouths were crusty and their lips were about to fall off. The game was almost over and Lil’Shaq was about to faint. But Lil’Kevin was trying to hide the pain. Now the game was 7-8 Lil’Kevin was winning by one and Lil’Shaq was about to throw the ball up and he made it. Now the game was tied until Lil’Kevin ran a lay up and made it. Suddenly Lil’Shaq made a lay up and the game was almost over who ever made the next shot wins the game. They were both tired, Lil’Shaq was dribbling he was going to fake an injury so he fell to the ground and pretended like he was hurt then got up and made a slam dunk. Lil’Shaq couldn’t believe it neither could Lil’Kevin. Lil’Shaq actually won the game he was so shocked he could have peed his pants.
The game was over and they were both glad because now they could rest. But

Lil’Kevin had to leave but Lil’Shaq didn’t want him to. “I have to, I have a family waiting for me, I wish that I could!” he stated. Next, Lil’Shaq blurted out “ok at least let me take you to the airport it is the least I can do for hitting you in the head. So they went back to the apartment to get some bags and then they were off to the airport. On the way up Lil’Shaq was telling him that he should come up again sometime. “That was great game I was surprised that you won!” Lil’Kevin muttered “I know I was surprised to” we should do it again sometime!” Lil’Shaq stated. Soon, they arrived at the airport and Lil’Kevin’s flight was just about ready so they said their good byes and Lil’Kevin was gone. Therefore, Lil’Shaq left and watched Lil’Kevin’s flight take off. And now they were friends for life.

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