The Hunting Escape

February 29, 2008
By katlyn laird, Huntingdon, PA

I thought to myself, “the woods is very bare and today the wind is not blowing the leaves around if I don’t see anything soon I’m going in for the day.” In a second, I heard some noises down in the creek below my tree stand about fifty yards away. The next thing I know is this deer sprinted up over the hill, it stopped and looked around and only his head was looking up over the hill at me. Then he moved up a little farther and I pulled up my gun and I have a good shoulder shot. I wait a second and Boom! I fired my gun. I heard the deer hit the ground and it rolled down to the bottom of the hill. My walkie-talkie goes off and everyone is asking me was that you Katie? So I said, “yes that was me,” I said.
My dad said, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”
So a few minutes later I heard my dad and Uncle Darin coming down on the golf cart and they told me on the walkie-talkie, “get down very carefully with your gun and walk down to the cabin road and we’ll meet you down here.” So I get down and walk down to the road and meet my dad and uncle. I walked down to meet them and we went to look for blood and hair and we found some. I also saw that there were leaves moved around where the deer had rolled to the bottom of the hill. Then I went down to the road and looked around and I had found the blood trail. There were also big blood clots and big puddles of blood. So once I had told my dad and my uncle that I had found the blood trail they had come up out of the creek. We waited a few more minutes to make sure that the deer would be laying on the ground fully dead. After those minutes, we go and walk the blood trail. We had followed the trail until finally it had stopped. At this point, we were starting to get tired of walking because we had walked the trail three times at this point. Now my dad was flaming with anger because this was the first deer I had ever shot. So my dad had said, “the first deer I had ever shot we also could not find.” Also, why we were looking for the deer we jumped some more deer but they were running way to fast for anybody to shoot at. After two and half hours of solid looking, we all gave up this time. By now it’s about five or five thirty in the evening so we go in for today.
The next day at six thirty in the morning we go back out and I crawl back up in my tree stand. Nothing is moving in the woods yet that we see. A few minutes after I thought about that, I hear “deer down in the creek playing around so I stand up very quietly and look to see if I see anything.” One second later a deer comes full speed up over the hill and I hurry up and grab my gun. It’s standing so that I am able to get a good shoulder shoot. I aim the gun at the deer and Bang! The gun goes off and the deer runs right under the bottom of my tree stand and falls to the ground about six yards away from my tree stand. It’s on it’s back and kicking very hard .My walkie-talkie starts going off and everybody is asking me, “is that you Kate” and I said, “yes that was me and this deer it’s dead this time and already laying a couple of yards away from my tree stand. A few minutes later my dad comes up over the hill and walked over to my deer. At this time, I got out of my tree stand and walked over to the deer. I called my mom and got her and my sister up out of bed. They were still sleeping because it was only seven thirty in the morning on a Saturday. As my mom and sister got up my tree stand, my dad was thinking, “They don’t have any orange on.” So they went back down to the house and put a little orange on and then they come back up in the woods. Once they got back up to me and my dad needed some paper towels so we could wipe the blood off of our hands. So my dad makes my sister walk over to my tree stand and get the paper towels out of my one bag. After we wipe off our hands, we tie up the deer to a rope and drag it down out of the woods. Then we took it down to the garage and hung it up and skin it. Later after we were all finished with my deer we went back out hunting for the rest of the day.

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