EB Games

February 29, 2008
By Calvin Bencsik, Huntingdon, PA

It was a brightly lit Friday night. Everything was a little noisy and busy. Although isn’t it always in State College. Ted and his family pulled into the EB Games parking lot. They got out of the car and Ted’s dad stated, “You can only buy something that you can afford.”
Ted entered the store and quickly searched for the video game that he wanted most. It was Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock. Once he found the game he looked at the price, Ted was in shock. His face turned a pale white and his body was frozen still.

He looked at the price once more and pondered on the idea of buying it. After he was done considering buying it he decide to go to another store to look at their price. It was an astounding difference. The other store was having a sale on it for 25% off. That would mean the price would be $67.50. Compared to $90, that’s a lot of money being saved. Ted only had $80 with him at the time. He decided to buy the game from the store that was having a sale. He went to the register and put the game on the counter. The cashier asked, “Would you like anything else with that sir?” Ted then quickly said, “No thanks. But thanks for asking.”

The cashier carefully put the game into the bag. Ted stated, “Wow there’s no way that EB Games would have service as well as you!”

The cashier surprisingly said, “Thank you!” then he hit a shining red button on the wall.
The store manager quickly came out of a huge metal door behind the counter. He the told Ted, “You are the first customer to ever give this store a compliment!!! You may choose any item in the store you want! The bill is on us!”

Ted quickly ran in excitement to get a brand new, white, Xbox 360 for his new game. He then quickly ran to the counter and carefully put it down. Directly after he had the Xbox 360 in a bag he ran to the car with his family and told his dad, “Drive as fast as you can without getting a speeding ticket!”
Ted was very impatient. Once he got home he set up everything that he had bought and played his new game until 6:00a.m. in the morning. He was very satisfied with his purchase.

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