The Breakup or Makeup?

February 29, 2008
By Elisa Schmeck, Huntindon, PA

Chelsea Smith lives in Newport Harbor, California. Her and her friends go to the beach a lot. They like to swim, hang out, talk, and play beach volleyball. Her favorite sport is volleyball, when she grows up she wants to be a professional. Chelsea is 15 years old and her heritage is German. Her favorite food is steak with a baked potato. She is terrified of snakes and bugs, sharks, spiders and she is also afraid to die. She has really dark hair that is kind of a black color and she has blue eyes. She is 5 foot 5 inches, that’s a good height for a volleyball player.

It is a sunny day and everyone is ready for school and they all are in happy moods. It was the first day back at school and everyone is talking and catching up on old times. Chelsea met up with her best friends Ashley Clay, Jessica Conrad, and Chrissie Monopoly. They didn’t hang out with Chelsea a lot this summer because she was with her boyfriend Jake Worthy. “Hey girlies how have you guy been!” asked Chelsea.

“Oh you know just the usual. Hanging out at the lake with each other and some guys,” replied Chrissie. They all told stories of what they did in the summer. Also how their vacations went. Then they went around to the whole school to their friends and caught up with them.

Next thing they see is Chelsea and Jake is in the storage closet kissing. They stopped when the girls open the door; they felt very embarrassed. Everyone is disgusted and they all just walk away. “Well I’m sorry guys this is what me and Jake do, we are dating if you haven’t noticed.” Explained Chelsea. “ Ew did you see them, even if they are going out they still don’t need to do PDA.” Complained Jessica.

Then whole crew started to walk down to the beach to go surfing and tanning. While the girls were tanning they were also thinking how Chelsea spends too much time with Jake. So they stopped tanning and they said to Chelsea, “you spend too much time with Jake, you need to give him a break for a little and hang out with us!” Commented Ashley.

“Well he is my boyfriend and I want to spend time with him. I spend time with you guys too but I can’t loose you guys. I could loose him any minute and I want to spend every minute with him.” Said Chelsea. “Yeah okay whatever we are leaving you can go have fun with Jake bye.” Yelled Chrissie.

The next day Chelsea and Jake walk past Chrissie, Jessica, and Ashley. They all glared at the couple. Ashley goes up to Chelsea and says, “We all need to talk to you, meet us at the beach at three.” So in class that day and in the halls they all stare at Chelsea and give her mean looks. They all giggle for no reason when they walk past Chelsea in the hall to make her feel bad.

That day they meet up at the beautiful beach, Chelsea is already at the beach waiting. The three girls pull up in the hummer limo and act so popular by the stuff that they wear and the accessories that they have. They are walking like it’s in slow motion so they look good for the guys.
When the girls get there they go up to Chelsea and they say, “You know what you are spending too much time with Jake. If you don’t want to hang with us then we are done with you.” “ Well I’m sorry okay and if you don’t want to be my friends then whatever because I have Jake and that’s all I will ever need.” Replied Chelsea. “Yeah well don’t come crying to us when he dumps you, we warned you!” Exclaimed Jessica. As they walked away Chelsea stayed at the beach thinking.

Chelsea walks back to her house and someone is there waiting. Jake! “Hey Jake what are you doing here?” Chelsea screams. “Chelsea I came here because we need to talk.” Mutters Jake. “Okay about what?” Chelsea said while being scared that he is going to break up with her. “You have been hanging around your friends too much and not me, so you need to make a decision.” Jakes says with aggression. “What do you mean decision what kind of decision?” Chelsea replies. “A decision between me or your freak friends, you big buffoon, I’m leaving you better decide in the next week.” Jake says. “What! Why would you make me choose between you or them, that’s so mean.”? Chelsea screams. “Decide, Chelsea, decide okay” Jake replies.

The next day nobody talks to her not even Jake. So at lunch she has nobody to sit with and she is all alone. It’s now the end of the day and she is at her locker getting everything to go home, and Jake comes up to her and says, "Did you decide yet?" "No and I'm not going to have to decide. If you really cared about me and loved me then you wouldn't make me decide between you or my best friends, and because of you my best friends are no longer my friends anymore" Chelsea says with anger. "Well I'm sorry okay that’s not my problem. You can get over it, and now that you have no friends you can hang out with me 24/7" Jake says, "I don't want to be with you all the time,” yells Chelsea. "Excuse me I'm your boyfriend you don't talk to me that way. I gave you the privilege to be with me and I can take that privilege away from you in just two words. Jake says slowly. "You know what you just made my life worse, ITS OVER!" Screams Chelsea. "Excuse me, it's not over till I say its over." he says this as Chelsea starts walking away. "Well its over to me, get over yourself and tell it to someone who cares." Chelsea says with emotion "Okay NOW it's over." "Yeah that’s what I thought.

For the next few days Chelsea has been in pure agony. She can't believe she lost the one she loved, and it was her fault. So she calls up all of her three best friends, they are all happy about the news but she is very sad and can't stop crying, every time she cries in class her teachers ask her what’s wrong and all she says is I think I have something in my eye. Her friends support her and after a few weeks she is all better and completely over the whole thing. So one day her and her friends go to the beach and some guys are there staring at them because they are so pretty and this one guy Chris Jeeter comes up to her and asks her if she wants to go get some lunch, and her response is "YESSSSS!!!!!" and he says "Okay I will go get changed and then we can go. "OKAY! Once he leaves the girls start screaming of excitement. Chris comes back and they leave, he goes to the same school is her and he is 16 and has his license. She is finally over Jake and on to some bigger and better things.

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