Living in OCCA

February 29, 2008
By Kasie Brown, Huntingdon, PA

Jennifer Calivar Mccurcinus is a nice, tall, skinny girl. She is 5 foot 3 with brunette hair and light blue. Jennifer is 16 years old. She has friends and best friends. Also a boyfriend named Ryan Jacket. They always hang out, that’s including lunch, dinner, the beach, and home. She is not one of those girls who spend too much time with her boyfriend and not her friends…or the other way around. She is afraid of bears, spiders, and mice. Jennifer is a great athlete who loves volleyball, and cheerleading. She is usually nice to everyone but being rich really changed that. She loves dogs and loads of other animals too. The place where Jennifer lives are sunny, hot and always a nice day to go to the beach.

School…She thought to herself with a grin on her face. “Junist bring me my breakfast…NOW!” She screamed. “Ma’am I will be up,” he replied with a sigh. As she got out of bed she stumbled to her closet. Nothing to wear…im going shopping!” she said to herself. Knock knock knock., “ma’am your breakfast.” Junist knock. “Come in and hurry or im gonna be late for school.” She yelled at him. “Yes Ma’am,” He said putting his head down as if he did something wrong. As he stepped in he trembled to put her food down. She glared at him as he left. She looked at the food with disgrace. She left it sit on her table and went to find something to wear. She found a pink Hollister top with boot cut short. As she got dressed her mother text her saying…I need to talk to you. Jennifer sighed and thought… oh great what did I do now? She walked to her bed and pounced on it like a cat trying to get a mouse. Lying down on the bed she returned to text her mom saying, what is it mom…I am busy ok. She walked to the mirror added her make-up to her face and said, “ahh beautiful ey.”

She walked to the door and pushed the button and waited for the door to open. DING the door opened. She stepped inside and went down stairs. “hello mother what do you need from me now.” She asked with a puzzled look on her face. She loved her mother dearly but sometimes she just asked Jennifer for too much. “Baby I hate to say this but…” Ding Dong Ding, the doorbell interrupted her. “Sorry mom but that’s Rachel, just tell me when I get home.” She ran out the door thinking she was glad she came. She didn’t want to hear what her mother had to say. Her mother had disappointed look on her face. She sat down in the Lamborghini and then they drove away. They finally arrived to school. Jennifer saw Ryan. He came over, gave her a kiss and then walked her to class. She stepped into her class just getting ready to sit down when she heard…”Jennifer Mccurcinus come to the office please!” WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON…. she thought to herself? She stepped into the office seeing her mom and a guy with blue silk eyes and shiny, slick brown hair. “What is going on mom!”? Jenn demanded her to tell.

“MOM we rode in silence the whole way home, what is going on?” Jennifer asked with question. “I’m just going to tell her…. this is your father Frank Harold Jinx, he wants you to live with him in Tennessee for awhile and I think it’s a good idea.” Her mother said frantically. Jennifer almost fainted…. MOVE from Ryan<3 and her best friend Rachel…. NO she thought to herself. As she started to run up the stairs she screamed, ”IM NOT MOVING!” Her mother ran after her sighing like someone had died. She finally calmed Jennifer down and told her why she HAD to move. She told her it was because her father was never there for her when he should have been. Now that her father was here he wanted to make up all the times he missed with her but Jennifer had a different opinion. Since her father wasn’t there for her since birth he had no right to come and take her while she was mature now. She heard her father knock and say, “ Your coming with me whether you like it or not!” Jennifer looked at him and said in a deep voice, ”You THINK I am. You THINK you can just come take me when im older AND mature to know now. You THINK you can take control of me. Well guess what old man…YOU CANT!” Her mother grabbed her arm and before she could say anything she ran downstairs. Then into the kitchen, through the living room, and out the door. Ryan waiting for her in perfect timing.
She explained everything after she calmed down. Sitting in the car out front she sees a moving van arrive. She starts to cry and says with a sigh, “I guess this is good bye.” They hugged and kissed good bye and he drove away. She ran upstairs seeing her room already being torn apart. He mother balling ran over and said, “Im sorry baby girl.” She excaped the hug and whispered, “Save your apology, I don’t want to hear it unless you really meant it and I can tell you don’t or you wouldn’t be doing this to me.” Then she looked over at her dad, “and I know he is the same thing so mom… thanks a lot.” She took her bags, went down stairs, and turned to look at her mom… then returned to look at her dad. “Lets go sweetie.” He whispered. She went to car. When she stepped in the car she got a text from Ryan saying this… Does this mean were over? Does this mean you’re gone forever? Tell me Jenn…what does this mean? She looked up having tears wanting to gush out of her eyes…Vroommmm the car started, the motor shaking the whole car/van type thing.

Four hours later they arrived to the ranch. Texting Ryan this…Yes its over it would be the best thing to do, k goodbye. She looked up seeing farm animals but something did NOT fit in. A tall, anorexic, blonde hair looking thing ran up to me screaming through the car window,” awe aren’t you just a sweet thang…. your father always said you were a cutie.” She hit the window and boom she bashed her head off the window. Fell backwards knocking herself out. Jennifer gave her a small smile grin type thing and jumped out of the car. Her father guided her to the house, showed Jennifer where to sleep and the whole house. When she saw the house about dropped to the floor. “OH EM GEE!” She screamed, “this place so gross.” Everyone turning their eyes on her. Maybe it was a dump to her because she was rich, beautiful and lived in a city and this place was poor, ugly, and hickish. I CANNOT live like this…she thought to herself. She ran outside to use her phone when it all happened… her phone didn’t work. “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” She screamed. “Well are you okay?” She heard a voice behind her say. “Yes I…” She paused turning around. “No I’m not!” She turned to see a really cute guy standing behind her.

Two minutes later
She was a shiny limo waiting for her out front. Then she got a text from her mom saying she was coming home. She got into the car as soon as she got in and they drive away, she looked out the window with a glistened shine to her eye. And away she drove.

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