February 29, 2008
I stepped out of the car with my chin high and a positive attitude. I swung my backpack over my shoulders ready for the first day of school. As I looked around, it all came back to me. The garden that my so called " group " and I had made last year. It was just a bunch of boring, yellow seeds but turned out to be bright blossoming flowers. The fountain that spurts out water and the statues the seniors had donated to the school. But that was all last year, my 2nd year in high school has ought to be better than volunteering 24/7 in the community. I mean, it's not bad being a straight A student, while trying to enjoy high school, is it?


"Sam???? SAMMMM!!!!! OMG!! It is sooo good to see you!!

Sam has been my best friend since the 2nd grade and we're just like sisters. All the hardships including the time my dad was in the hospital because of a car accident, she has been there for me. We would do everything together and I mean EVERYTHING. If I had joined a club like the "Make the Community a Better Place" club I joined last year, I dragged Sam into it. She was tall, her hair was messy, but she probably did that on purpose, and no matter what, she always wears clothes from Forever 21.

"I've been trying to reach you over the summer on the phone but it kept telling me that the number was wrong." My voice rising with excitement. Even though we contacted each other by e mail, I never got to ask that question. I guess it was because I was so into the conversations.

"Oh...sorry about that, that a new outfit?" Sam asks.

"Yes, why?"

"It just seems like a total different you...I mean you went from ponytail to long, straight har, and new..everything."

"I just thought there needed to be a change around here, if you know what I mean." Honestly, I didn't. I just said that because it sounded right.

"So, shall we get going?" I ask Sam excitedly.

I was all perked up for school and ready to take on any challenges that would confront me during the school year. Once I stepped in, the whole marble floor was covered with bright pink fliers.

"It's PARTY TIME!!" A girl in a striped sweater with khakis sprints down the hall yelling it out.

Wow. A party already on the first day of school. I wonder if I'm invited. I pick up a flier.

' Party on 11th! Everyone invited, 6-10 pm, bring your favorite music to 1439 Bailey Ct. '

Well, that answers my question. I quickly fold it up and slip it into an open pouch while looking at the time. 7:12, I've still got time to look for some of my friends. As I walked down the hall, Everyone just glances at me as if they've never seen me before. I hear them whispering "Who's that girl?" I felt like going up to them and smacking them in the face. I just forgot about it and minded my own business.

Classes after classes went by and the week was over before I knew it. I got to see a lot of my friends and everyone kept asking if I was new to this school, which gets annoying after you hear it over and over again. But I was excited because the weekend was finally here and tomorrow was the day of the party.

* * *

The phone started ringing.

"Uhhhhhh.....someone get the phone!" I groan. I flop the pillow over my ears but that doesn't help. My room was as if the big cookie monster came over for dinner. Papers were scattered on the desks and floor, all my accessories had gone missing, and worn clothes were tossed onto the chair. What a perfect way to start a morning.

"Okay, alright," I reach for the phone, my eyes were barely awake and I gave a big yawn before pressing the TALK button. "Hello?" I was only half awake when a big loud perky voice hurt my ears.

"Its probably some crazy person calling. ARE YOU READYYYYY?????"

"Alicia are you there? Miss Sleepy head, its Sam," Oops, forget about what I said before.

"For what?" I asked carelessly.

"The party!!! We have to go to the mall, we need to get shoes, accessories, and our nails done!" She blurts out. I honestly thought it wouldn't be that big but I guess they are. To tell the truth, this is my first party ever.

"Um...ok yea sure. I'll meet you there around noon," I say right back and hang up, I rush downstairs and gobble down my breakfast and run back up to get ready.

At the mall, we found these amazing heels that were on sale so we ended up getting a pair for each of us, in different color. Our nails looked amazing and the pearl necklace-bracelet-earring set I got matched perfect with my outfit. Sam and I went straight home because of the time. It was almost time for the party, I grabbed my purse and stuffed some essentials.

Once we arrived, I was kind of nervous at first but got in the mood. Sam dragged me over onto the dance floor and she kept nudging me to dance or do something. I tried a couple of moves that Sam did and she gave me a look wondering what I was doing, I guess that didn't work out. I quickly walk off the dance floor and head towards the table with all the drinks. I started to pour Mountain Dew into a cup when a tall guy with brown hair, dressed in all American Eagle and Converses starts trotting towards me. All of a sudden, he starts talking but I didn't realize he was talking to ME until he waves his hand in my face.

" Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking to someone else."

" No, so are you new here?" He asks.

" No, everyone keeps asking me that. I was here since 7th grade." I atleast hoped that he would recognize who I was before.

" Oh, well sorry, I just moved here last May and I haven't met many people since then."

" So, what are some of the classes you're taking?" I change the subject.

" Geometry, Business, I have creative writing next semestre..."

" Oh!! I have............." Before I knew it, we were talking as if we've known each other for years. Even though tonight was the first time I met him, I felt like we were best friends. The night was over and I started looking for Sam since we had to get in the same car. I hope she didn't leave without me, I mean she couldn't have....

" Alicia!! Where were you? I've been looking for you!" Sam yells.

I gave a big sigh of relief. I was about to panic if I couldn't find her.

" Oh, well I have to tell you all about this guy I met...." I started explaining to Sam on our way home. I could tell she was hiding a smile. This night was one of the best ever. I've never had this much fun since elementary school, I felt as if I was the blossomed flower, from the boring yellow seed to a changed, bright and colorful flower. I guess it is ok to have some fun once in a while as long as I finished my homework, maybe not.

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