The Championship

February 28, 2008
By Travis Culhane, Mattawan, MI

So, there I sat on the bench, wishing that we could win, praying that we could win, and willing myself to score the winning goal. Looking like a red tomatoes, myself and my teammates were dead tired. The game, so wild and close, I tried to watch, but I could barely keep my eyes open. The stench of me and my teammates was unbearable! The crowed roared, as they pounded on the glass that surrounded the ice. I could almost taste a fresh, warm, hot dog, I was so very hungry. I could eat a hoarse. I could eat almost anything right now.

“The clock ticked down on the final seconds of the second period, so far the crowd's excitement level had been high throughout the game. For the game has kept them on the edge of their seat. Tied, the score the score had been the game only had two goals, one for each team.

Finally it was my turn to shine, I jumped over the boards to change with my teammate. Then I intercepted a pass from the other team. I took the puck down the the ice, I had a breakaway! I was all alone, just me and the goalie. I was at the hash mark0s, a couple feet from the net. I wound up for a quick shot........

As the puck hit the back of the net past the goalie, the clocked ticked to zero as the final seconds of the game ticked off . I gave it the old we-won-and-we-did-it celebrations as we won the game, when the clock hit zero

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