Dashed Dreams of a Taxi Driver

February 27, 2008
Gazing wistfully out the window of his mustard-yellow taxi, the driver sighed, wishing, as he frequently did, that he would finally wake up from the nightmare which was his life. He’d never meant to end up as a short, stout, wrinkled, single taxi driver. As a young man, he’d had great ambitions, dreams. These fantasies which had seemed so attainable at one time had always revolved around Lydia, a woman who could only be considered beautiful through his infatuated eyes. Although their romance lasted through college, it didn’t prove strong enough to last a lifetime. As it turned out, he was more attached than she. When he proposed, she laughed, unable to comprehend how utterly serious he was, how important she was to him when no one had ever considered her to be valuable before. Despite her blatant refusal, he’d told her to keep the ring so at least she’d always have a part of him while she would remain in his heart forevermore.

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