Invisible Girl

February 27, 2008
By Nicole Pachner, Fair Lawn, NJ

She couldn’t escape this life she lived. She felt invisible and nobody could save her. She went through life as the smart kid but not too smart, she wasn’t in any advanced classes but she was still smart. She was very serious though, she felt she had to lighten up she couldn’t laugh at jokes she should. She didn’t want to be so serious but she couldn’t help it. She had two sisters and they both annoyed her. She couldn’t keep anything to her self her sisters were always in her stuff. She did have a lot of friends though; she would never give that up. She was weird to most people but she was true to her friends. She had some friends she could truly trust and others she wouldn’t tell anything to but she would never let them know that. She was too nice. She was an 8th grader and she was a goody goody she would never do anything to disobey her parents. She always stayed true to her schoolwork you would never find one moment in which she was untrue. She believed in the saving of artwork and knowledge. Even though n her eyes they were the same. This girl was truly invisible.

She was put down as always. And never pulled up. She felt as though she was the one always-pulling people up. She was different and she felt all right. But her environment in which she lived didn’t let her be all right they made her feel down and low. In a hole in which she couldn’t climb out of. She always would try and change but her life was as different as anyone’s life. She felt as though she was a spotted zebra in a heard of striped. A needle in a haystack. A loner and none could see it. This girl felt as though she was truly invisible.

The boy she liked never noticed her. But, when he did he looked through her. Every time she tried to stand out it seemed as though it made her become even more unpopular. She really feels as though she is in a story and she can’t escape. She feels as if her fate is decided for her that she will never have a say in anything that happens to her. But, anyone who knows her must watch out, one day you’re going to need her and she will make you feel invisible instead.

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