February 27, 2008
By caroline voisine, Huntington Woods, MI

There are moments when silence is the best thing to say. Silence gives you a chance to catch your breath just before you take the plunge into what could be the worst mistake of your life or the best thing you’ve ever said. At the wrong moment silence can be interoperated the wrong way. He just poured his heart out to you saying the three pivotal words that either make or break most relationships. You pause to think, to catch your breath, do you love him back? Your silence scares him, too many thoughts crowd into his beautiful mind; he can’t comprehend anything except that you have not said I love you back. Your still thinking, you are almost positive that you love him, that this is the boy you want to be with until life breaks you apart. You smile and finally say, “I love you too.”

The boy lets out his breath after holding it for what seems an eternity of silence. Tears brim at the corners of his eyes as he pulls your lips to his own, thanking god you had not broken his fragile heart. As you kiss him you realize that this boy has just put his emotions on the line for you. It makes you love him even more. What have you done to deserve such a sensitive, caring mature, handsome boy? You think back; never have you saved a person’s life, or stood up for anything great. You have never been completely selfless, or quite completely caring. Soon you begin to doubt yourself. What if he finds a girl who can say she has always put others before herself, or spent her Christmases feeding the hungry instead of sitting under the tree praying that one of those beautifully wrapped boxes contain that new expensive jacket you’ve had your eye the past two months? Would he find that girl better worthy of his time? Would he leave you the selfish, vain little girl that you are, for the angelic goody-goody, volunteering her time down at the homeless shelter?

You break apart form his warm kiss. You are both crying, but for two completely different reasons. He pulls you into the warmth of his body, as you wrap your arms around his neck sobbing uncontrolably in his winter coat.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, unable to understand the chaos in your mind. Gaining control of your tears you are able to choke out,

“Please. Please don’t ever leave me.” His grip tightens and he buries his head in your hair.

“I’m not going any where.” He whispers, inhaling the sweet scent of your perfume. He smells the warm vanilla and quirky pink guava essences’ that together describe you all in a single spritz. The boy doesn’t wear any cologne but his smell is always intoxicating, the lingering trace of soap and detergent is always left in his clothes an inviting smell that leaves you breathless.

He takes his always, warm hands and wipes away your last remaining tears as your gazes meet. “Please stop crying, everything is all right.” The boy whispers into your soft hair.

“Let’s get out of the cold.” You tug on his wrist as you move towards his door.

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