Lost in Thoughts of Each Other

February 27, 2008
By Jennifer Horan, Fairfax, VA

His hands were shaking. His heart was pounding because he was about to tell his best friend he'd been in love with her since they met in kindergarten. As he walked up to her, she was laughing with her other friends, her head back and her blond hair bouncing he'd do anything to listen to her laugh all day long.

Ryan walked up to her and said “Hey Brooke can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure! Bye guys, I'll see you in chemistry." Brooke called over her shoulder while walking with Ryan. She has such a positive, confident stance Ryan thought.

"So what’s up Ryan?" she said.

"Nothing much...umm..."

"What is it Ryan? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong," he said with traces of nervousness in his voice. Brooke thought he looked extremely fidgety. She wondered what was wrong, Ryan was not usually a nervous person. She should know they has been best friends since kindergarten, where she also fell in love with him. No one knew that she liked him. Everyone said they'd make a good couple but she didn't think he felt the same way.'

"Are you sure? You're acting a little funny," Brooke really wanted to know what was wrong but was trying to hide her anxiousness.

"Yeah..Uhm...I was wondering if...," He just couldn't get the words out. All these thoughts were running through his head What if she didn't like him back? What if she thought he was weird? What if it ruined there friendship? What if it got awkward between them? What if they went out and broke up? He just wasn't ready to risk his friendship with her because it was better to be friends than lose her all together, he just couldn't do it.

"Wondering what?" She really wanted to know now you could here the anxiousness and the apprehension in her voice. She wanted to know so badly. What if her dream was coming true, that he was going to ask her out? No, she just wasn't that lucky. maybe in a fairytale it would happen but in her life it just wasn't going to. Also she just couldn't bring herself to tell him she liked him. He probably was wondering if she wanted to hang out with his family or go to the beach do it." He just couldn't dowith him like they did every year. She still didn't know why he was so nervous though.

"Oh, I was wondering if I could borrow your history homework, I forgot to it. He wanted to so badly, but he just couldn't.

"Oh ok, yeah sure you can. Hold on...here it is," She knew it was to good to be true, she knew he wasn't going to ask her out. But what she didn't know that it was all an excuse. He just couldn't tell her that he liked her, just like she couldn't tell him she liked him. She was a little disappointed like she always was when she thought he was going to ask her out, but she knew he didn't like her like that.

"Thanks. We should probably get to class." He was angry with himself for not telling her but he knew he couldn't.

”‘Kay, lets go." They both started walking to class, both lost in thoughts of each other.

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