Jarvis' Dream

February 26, 2008
By Daniel Williams, Fort Wayne, IN

Jarvis Johnson went outside one morning in the spring of 1997. Jarvis read a letter from Indiana University about attending college. The scholarship was Jarvis playing with the Indiana Hoosiers. He will be the shooter. He met his team member Manuel Ramirez.

Jarvis attended college on a two year scholarship.

His father, Robin Johnson helped Jarvis make basketball his talent. Jarvis believed he was going to make it as a basketball player someday...this time came. Jarvis live in Indiana. During his first day in college, Jarvis Johnson started his winter classes. Jarvis was late for his first class.

"Well, well, well Mr. Johnson why you late and don't give me any crap about waking up late, lateness equals consequence," said his teacher.

At the campus, Jarvis forgot about football for the day, Manuel was waiting in his dorm. Jarvis worked on his homework. Jarvis played professional basketball and it became his talent. Jarvis believed he was going to make it as a basketball player someday...this time has come!
Jarvis reported for basketball the next day.
"Alright, rules for the team," said the coach.
"Need to be on time for practice each day and penalty will advance you to be kicked off the team."

The starter buzzer went off as the teams started the game. Jarvis dribble the ball in the basket and scored a point.
"Fly ball, fly ball!" yelled the coach.
Soon later, Jarvis made a foul shot.
"Personal foul, number seventeen!" yelled the guard.
The coach called Jarvis.
"Jarvis, remember to make that perfect basket in the hoop, got it?"
"Got it," said Jarvis.
Jarvis dribble, dribble the ball in the basket, only seconds in the half left.
In Jarvis' mind he thought.
"Basket, basket got to make that basket a win."
The crowd was cheering.

Indiana Hoosier


The crowd went crazy.

Indiana Hoosier

"We are losing, coach," worried Jarvis.
Jarvis passed the ball to Manuel and BOOM! makes the basket.
Indiana Hoosier scored again.

Indiana Hoosier



Jarvis looked over at Manuel.
"There's our rival, Manuel," mentioned Jarvis.
"That's our team we need to beat!" demanded Manuel.

The guard threw the ball up in the air from his hand, beginning the fourth half.
Jarvis dribble, dribble, dribble and went down the court, with the ball.

The Indiana Hoosiers took a time out. The points kept going up and up, Indiana Hoosier shined up two points in the fourth half.
Everyone got quiet...Jarvis made the final basket...and the buzzer rings.
Indiana Hoosier won the game.

At the NBA Draft...
"It is a great honor and achievement Jarvis Johnson number two drafted into the Chicago Bulls," said the guy.
Everyone clapped.

"Thank you, thank you---this meant to my father. I thank my father."
Everyone clapped.

During the drive home, Jarvis noticed an empty space. He wanted to fulfill his father's dream opening up a center.
"The Robin Johnson Center," thought Jarvis.

Jarvis went to the city board the next day.
"I saw a space up for rent, can I have it?" asked Jarvis.
"And what street is this space on?" asked the woman.
"The space is on 2610. Vine Street."
"That space cost thousands of dollars, perfect to get now than wait until winter."
"I'll take it."

Jarvis fix the open space.

* Brand new hoops
* Rackets
* Brand new and used basketballs
* A picture of his father {Robin Johnson}

Later that night, Jarvis was featured on the news.

"Tonight, I'm up to the story about a courageous teenage boy named Jarvis Johnson. I'm here by The Robin Johnson Center where teenage boys can come to play basketball. The center uplifts teenage boys for a place after school. I'm here with the owner Jarvis Johnson. Jarvis, who did you, name this place after and why?" asked the woman reporter.

"I named this center after my father. My father taught me that the game of basketball is not created by God; the main creation of basketball is how well you practice every day and consistently being good at it. I want to give these teenage boys a chance to come and play basketball, this center is the only place they can be around other boys without fathers in their lives," said Jarvis.

"And I hope your center expands one of the biggest organizations of the U.S."

The Robin Johnson Center was luring many teenage boys from the streets, after the summer ended and school began.

Next year, Jarvis will look forward playing in the NBA and moving to Pennsylvania. Jarvis is so proud of himself, taking what his father said about basketball and really making it sound like basketball does take a lot of practice and being good at it.

Jarvis helped his father an enormous step.

Now, Jarvis looks back, on what happened.
He will move on and make his father prouder.
This story shows how Jarvis' life has promoted, presented, and persevere.

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