Creepy Street

February 27, 2012
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The creepy little street was super quiet, like if no one lives there, even though there are a few houses here and there as the two girls walk farther and farther all by themselves, not worrying about getting lost, or worst kidnap.

It all started on a summer day in Los Angeles when Kristina and Monica sat in the burning hot living room, thinking of what they should do that day. The two have been best friends since pre-k, even though they have nothing in common except for that they can’t leave the house without a grown up with them.

Everyday, they would pick a house to stay at, Kristina’s or Monica’s, and that day they decided to stay at Monica’s house. The girls thought and thought about what they should do that day, but every single thoughts that come up to their minds requires leaving the house, which they’re not suppose to, so they can’t do the things they want to do.

After an hour past by, Monica, with a suspicious smile on her face, broke the silence and said, “ I know what we can do today, and it only requires a tiny bit of rule breaking.” Monica explained her plan to Kristina about going on an adventure by walking into the creepy little street that’s in the back of Monica’s backyard. The two have always been curious about that little street and where it leads to because their parents never wanted them to go down that street, not even if they’re with an adult.

After Monica told Kristina about the plan, she thought to her self and said to her self, I don’t think that’s a good idea… but she still went anyways.
Before they went on their secret adventure, they went to check on Monica’s grandma and Kristina’s sister to make sure they didn’t notice that they’re leaving.

The street was super quiet. It was like if no one lives there, even though there are a few houses but having the house there kind of made it even creepier because they were old houses, the windows are all closed up and there weren’t any sounds coming from the inside of the houses. The farther they walked, the more disgusting it gets. The street smells like old trash that has been there for many years.

The girls kept on walking without saying a word to each other. Until then, they heard a sound, a creepy sound, which made them look at each other not knowing what the sound was and what to do about it, but they can’t just pretend like nothing happened. Kristina and Monica just froze there until they heard the sound again.

Kristina was too afraid to go any farther, so with tears coming out of her eyes, she said, “I can’t go any farther and you shouldn’t either, because this isn’t safe.”
So Monica just continued walking down the creepy little street by her self showing no fear even though she wants to go back home too, and want to forget all this, but she couldn’t she thought and so she said, “We have come this far and we shouldn’t stop now, I’m going to keep on walking.” The girls separated with Monica going forward to wherever the street leads to and with Kristina going back to the house.

As Monica walks, she heard the sound again, but louder this time, like if it’s getting closer or something. Then she realized it someone is following her so she began to run from whatever or whoever that is. Then, she heard her name, so she stopped and shout, “Who are you? And what do you want from me?” No answers came but she heard footsteps running toward her direction, and the sound is getting louder and louder as time pass.

Then as she listens closely, she heard a familiar voice calling her name, the voice of Kristina’s sister, so she said, “Lisa!” Then she realized that it was Kristina’s sister all a long.

Lisa explained to Monica that the creepy sound was coming from her dog, Lucy, Lucy was growling in to the microphone. Lisa also told Monica about her eavesdropping and heard what Kristina and her were talked about.

About ten minutes later, they heard the police car siren, and when they turn to look, their parents and Kristina came out of the car, happy to see that they’re safe. When they got back home, the three had to explained the whole story about them sneaking out, and Lisa following them.

Even if they’re not allowed to go anywhere without an adult, Kristina, Monica, and Lisa are still happy, and realized that their parents only want what’s good for them and not want anything bad to happen to them.

What if the person that was following them wasn’t Lisa? What if it was some stranger wanting to kidnap them? They would never see their parents again…

However, they still wonder what is down the creepy street.

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