February 26, 2008
By Ashely Wiley, Mattawan, MI

“What! Cancer. That’s absolutely impossible. All the genes genetically don’t enhance any cancer genes. The whole family has been cancer free for as long as I can remember. Is she going to be okay. Will she…,” Brenda was cut off by the doctor. She still had many questions buzzing around her head. She was so worried, for Patten was her only daughter and she did not want to lose her. She waited for the doctor to resume.

“Patten has a cancer where she may be able to get surgery to help prevent it from coming back. Her cancer is not a very critical one. I have seen much worse. I think we caught it in time. For now just tell her gently, I know it must already be hard on her knowing what happened to her dad. She is eighteen and I think she can handle it. As far as the treatment goes, give her these pills twice a day. Once at breakfast and once at dinner. I will call within the next couple of weeks to get her in. For now give her the pills and try to keep her contained as much as possible. I will try to call as soon as possible so we can get her taken care of. Go to her now. She should be out in the waiting room and if you have any more questions please call me by the number on the sheet of paper I gave you. Good day to you Brenda,” He turned around and walked out of the room.

She took a slow deep breathe and slowly walked to the waiting room. How could I tell her, Brenda thought to herself. She searched the waiting room and found Patten sitting there reading an old issue of American Girl. Brenda walked over and sat down in an empty red chair that looked as though it would fall apart the moment she sat down. Hesitantly she took a seat next to Patten. She explained everything from the cancer to the pills to the treatment. Overall Patten took it pretty well. They walked out of the doctors office with loads of questions and few tears. A week passed when Patten went to the mall to pick out her senior prom dress. It took her hours but she found the perfect one. A long white dress with sequences at the end. The sleeves were puffed up and she bought white high heels to match. It was only a couple of days before the prom arrived when they got the call they have been waiting for. It was time for her to come in and get her surgery. She looked in the mirror at her bald head. Her mom drove her there and on the way she made a card for her mom. They walked slowly together to the building when Patten gave Brenda her the handcrafted card. It had hearts on springs sticking out all over. Brenda’s eyes teared up. And they continued to walk on in silence not knowing what would happen. The surgery took a full day and she had to spend the next night just to be sure that the medicine worked. She was full of joy to learn that she lived but she missed her hair. She dressed in her prom dress and put on her high heels. It was prom time. She had the best time of her life and she was a sparkling beauty at her prom. All well ends well

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