Tell Us a Story

February 26, 2008
By Morgan Carriere, Murry Street Mattawan, MI

My mom sat down in her favorite sofa when Faith and Kelsey rushed into the room. We begged

my mom to tell us a story about when she was little. Alright she began..... I remember 25 years ago

when I was in seventh grade just like you three. Everyone called me Lucky Libby, even though I was

never lucky, getting into trouble was more my game.

One day I was walking to class when Principal Henry stopped

me in my path. His face was as red as a tomato, I swear I could see

smoke streaming out of his ears.

“Libby, how dare you draw a picture of my head on top of a rhino's body saying, bla, bla, bla,.”

screamed Principal Henry.

“ Um sir that's a hippo,” I replied.

“ In my office now!” yelled Principal Henry.

I started to say, “But I.”

But the Principal's face made me keep on walking right into Principal Henry's office. I didn't

want to know what my punishment would be this time.

I sat down bored as can be in the chair in front of Principal Henry's desk. Finally, he stormed

into his office and plopped right down in his chair.

“Libby, I don't know what to do with you, you've draw pictures of me and other teachers heads

on top of animals bodies, you've flooded the boy's bathroom, and started two food fights in the lunch

room,” said Principal Henry.

“I'm sorry Libby but I'm going to have to suspend you for three days and talk to your parents,”

said Principal Henry.

“What are you crazy, you can't suspend me,” I replied.

“Oh yes I can,” Said Principal Henry.

“Principal Henry, I'll do anything if you don't suspend me or call my parents,” I pleaded.

I can just picture my mom if she new that I got suspended, she

would have her hands in a fist, jaw completely dropping, and

eyes wide open. I thought.

“Henry, I'll do anything if you don't suspend me or talk to my parents, I'm a straight A

student,” I said.

“Were not talking about academics we're talking about behavior,” said Principal Henry.

“All right Libby I'll let you of the hook on one condition you must pick up every piece

of trash on school ground for a whole month and I won't tell your parents and I won't suspend you for

three days,” lectured Principal Henry.

“Fine,” I said.

I started to walk out his office when Principal Henry said, “Remember Libby school is a

privilege not a given.” So I picked up every piece of trash for a month and my parents never found out.

“Yeah right mom you didn't do all those things,” Morgan said.

“So,” Libby said.

“Mom.... I can't believe you made all those things up,”Morgan said bummed out.

That would be a good story to tell later on, Morgan thought.

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