February 26, 2008
By Dalton Thompson, Kalamazoo, MI

Robert had a head full of silver hair, his clothes were shabby and worn and he was the smartest professor in all of North Carolina. He had on that day found the only map that lead to Atlantis. He had found it in the deep crevices of Big Bat Cave. The Big Bat Cave was the deepest and darkest cave in all of North Carolina. People referred to it as black as night. Robert was now wondering where he could find a submarine that could be down in the ocean farther than 20,000 ft. deep. The only place that he could think of that would have a submarine that technological was SEAPORT.

“Hey Marco!” Robert yelled.

As Robert yelled this a man in his late 20's turned. Robert glanced at a cigar in Marco's mouth and more cigars lying on the ground around him.

“Yeah,” grumbled Marco.

“Um...... do you possibly have um a submarine,” Robert coughed nervously.

“Of course we do, come with me!” Marco yelled.

Robert didn't want to follow this guy especially if he was going to take him to his boss, I mean this guy was stubborn. He finally followed him because the possibility of finding Atlantis. As he looked around he saw fishing boats by the dozen, hundreds of greasy men carrying fish, and even an ocean liner tied to a dock. Robert thought this was a combination of grossness and beauty.

“Come on in here, there it is the sub,” Marco grumbled.

Robert handed Marco a huge wad of money that was worth 80,000 dollars and jumped it into the submarine which was as silver as the moon. He hit a switch that started the submarine and put in drive and then dove into the water and he was on his way to Atlantis. Robert thought he was lucky that his Uncle Phil had taught him how to drive one of these things. Robert looked out in wonder at the amazing arrays of fish and other sea life.

After a few days of traveling, he finally glanced at the beauty of Atlantis. It looked exactly like he dreamed of. The walls were gold. Atlantis was surrounded by a humongous air bubble that allowed its citizens to breathe. Robert landed in docking bay 7, right when he pulled in he saw people. He couldn't believe it, they had skin that was covered in scales, maybe this was why there were myths of Mermaids, thought Robert. Then he noticed their smiles, they were huge, the smiles were the size of Robert's arm. He could picture it now, him living in this golden city, but then he realized that they probably ate fish and he despised fish. He asked one of the people and they wouldn't speak to him and then he realized they couldn't speak at all! Robert found a place to sleep on the street, but then remembered that he had a submarine so he traveled back to his submarine to sleep. Eventually Robert received a job in repairing holes in the air bubble, he eventually bought a golden house. After 5 years he decided to leave the glorious city and return back to the surface, but every year he went back to Atlantis for vacations.

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