Harry Potter

February 29, 2012
By Jarrett Nuyen BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Jarrett Nuyen BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Have you ever read the Harry Potter book series? Well if not I'll summarize up what Harry Potters life was from when he was only a baby. On a dark stormy night, Lord Voldemort was set on a quest to kill the Potters. After killing both mom and dad, Lord Voldemort aimed his wand at the poor, defenceless, crying, baby and cast a curse that would kill in an instant, and that baby was Harry Potter. But little did he know that the baby had a charm put on him so that he would only give him a scar, and deflect the curse and shoot it back at Lord Voldemort. It was enough power that he would shrivel up like a slime, and go into hiding to hea for five years. That was easy to tell that Lord Voldemort was the cruelest wizard known to magic.

Several years later at the age of ten years old young Harry Potter was about to find out that he was a wizard. For most of his life he had lived under the stairs in a cupboard. He was treated like a slave there having to cook and clean for them and their pig of a son. One day while he was walking down the front hallway to pickup the mail from the door. Harry felt ecstatic to see his first piece of mail also it came from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When his uncle saw that Harry had a letter took it away and burned it. The next day the same letter came back but this time Harry ran back to his cupboard and read it to himself, away from the noise, away from the chaos, away from his uncle. But before he could read it his uncle snatched it away like a hawk catching its prey. “Hey! That’s my letter!” Harry exclaimed in defence.

“Not any more it’s not.” His uncle replied with a British accent and a smirk on his face. Uncle Vernon had enough and decided to move away so those retched letters can’t find them. On the dark stormy night they arrived at their tiny hut on a small island only accessible by boat, which was also Harry’s eleventh birthday, Harry was wishing himself a happy birthday and went to sleep on the cold hard floor. BOOM!!! the door flung open and standing there was a massive beast-like man with a huge beard and an umbrella. Once all things settled down the huge man named Hagrid said that he was here to take Harry to Hogwarts. Also to tell him that Harry was a wizard. The look on the boy that recently turned 11, has jet black hair, green eyes, and with circle glasses on his face was unimaginable that he found out that he; himself was a wizard. He was finally going to leave those evil people.

On the train to Hogwarts, the train that would change his life, He was meeting new friends, eating all the candy he could buy, and socializing with his new friends. When they walked off the train they steadily stepped into row boats and rowed their way to the school which wasn’t hard to miss at all. Harry thought to himself ”This is really my new school, well I guess that all wizards go to school in castles then.”

Many years later Harry forms an army from daring Hogwarts students, friends, and teachers to defeat the pale as mayonnaise, Lord Voldemort.

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