The Storm

February 26, 2008
By Noah Gardner, Mattawan, MI

BANG!! The rapid fire of guns shooting, killing many people, leaving no one alive.

OOOUUUCCCHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bullet contacted my leg leaving a bullet hole like the size of China and it hurt bad. Why,Why, Why? My first day serving in the Army, I had a hole in the side of my leg. My maroon colored blood had the scent of the musty New York City. While sitting on my bed, a rumbling noise started. “The noise was too loud, it was way too loud,” my ears were throbbing the sound “dun duh dun duh” was sounding in my ears. All the sudden I heard... RUN RUN RUN A BOMB A BOMB!!!!!!!!!! KAAAAAAAAA-BOOOM!!!
At exactly 19:03 military time, our Medical center cannot survive any longer I need to run. “There is no way I'm going to let myself die in Iraq I need to run” Now all I can think of is running, running from the tanks, running for my life. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!! My eardrums hurt twice as much as before. The ringing felt like blaring rock music up to full volume. My eye's are drenched in tears, and I can't see anything, the land is jumping up and down, the fragrance of my sweat made me gag as I stumbled over my own two feet. Smack my face hit the ground so hard on the rocky ground it felt as if I was going to die. As my wound was still oozing blood, I was almost out of blood. “Oh no!” I yelled as I saw a man holding a AK-47, the man walked up to me giving me the I'm-taking-you-hostage look.

Wait, I looked more closely and saw Sergent Reg. Reg screamed, “Kid take my hand and let's go to the chopper.” As I was being carried on Reg's shoulders I could still hear the shooting in the distance.

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