Abandoned Town

February 26, 2008
By Kara Harrison, Mattawan, MI

An abandoned town, no one left but me, a thirteen year old girl named Harry Karey. I started yelling, hoping someone would hear me, wishing, someone would respond, and crying when no one did. All I heard, a dog in the distance. Since I didn't know what was going on, I decided to go find that dog. Better start walking, never know when I'll see anyone again, I thought. It seemed like I had walked for hours when I finally spotted the golden brown Shiba Inu with her floppy ears and the almost curly tail. The dog had what looked like a mini lion's mane on its neck and it had a little short snout. I walked closer to it hoping that it would act as a gentle dog. As I walked closer the dog laid down and rolled over on its stomach. I could tell that it was a girl and since it rolled onto her back, I knew that she had accepted me, and put me as her leader. I finally walked close enough to touch the dog and I noticed that she didn't have any tags. I decided to name the dog Mystery because I was in one right now.

I started to feel scared, so scared I wanted to cry, so scared that I wanted to see someone...ANYONE! So scared that I wanted to stay with Mystery forever. I wanted to stay with Mystery because right now she was the only thing I had; the only thing alive around me. Mystery equaled as my guardian; she would protect me from anything. As Mystery and I started walking I noticed that she had a limp, but when I bent down to try and take a look at her paw, she snarled at me and gave me that don't-ever-touch-that-paw-again-or-I'll-have-to-bite-you look. I apologized to Mystery and she seemed to forgive me. Mystery and I started walking again and I started thinking, Why were Mystery and I the only living things left on earth? Why Mystery and I? Why?! Then I heard voices in the distance, and I could smell greasy hamburgers far far away. I saw in my mind, people dancing and laughing, I could almost taste the burgers in my mouth and I could feel my heart skipping beats as I became excited. Mystery and I started running over to the sound...BAM! I ran into a wall and immediately became knocked out. Then I woke up in my bed. I dreamed the whole thing! YES!! I walked outside to see where my family had gone when I noticed no one was around....it had become an abandoned town.

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