Spring Break

February 26, 2008
By madelyn forester, Mattawan, MI

this spring break the family and i are going to Antarctica “yeah” why? u might ask so we can go to visit my ant threasea shes just about the coolest ant ever! she is so funny,and she lets me do anything she's my dads sister she'll try anything .were leaving to see her tomorrow morning were all getting up at 5:00 AM we need to be at the airport by 7:30AM (we'll probably be late)

The next morning i remember is falling on the floor on jacks i was playing with my little brother Logan he's 4 and really annoying i screamed so loud that china could hear me and i thought that i was going to kill him i realized that it was my alarm clock that woke me up to the sound of i can't get no satisfaction by the rolling stones.

It was my job to wake up every one scene i was the most excited about going. So i got out the mega phone and started yelling, “GET OUT OF BED SLEEPY HEAD”!!!

and write after i yelled that i heard a giant moan that came out of my mom and dads room and a shriek that came out of my little brothers room and before i new it ever one was in at least one different room of the house my mom was getting ready/making breakfast my dad was in the shower and my brother was watching seseime street and i myself was getting dressed “JESSY” said my mom “what” i replied “get your brother ready” “can't you?” “just do it!' “fine!'

“come on Logan” “what we gona do “ “get you dressed” “NO!” ah this is my favorite ,dressing my brother is like dressing a, i don't know elephant almost impossible to dress him in the morning he never wants to get dressed out of his thomus the train pj's “what do you want to wear to day?” “pj's” “sweet i see i get to pick out your clothes today. Lets see um....... ah how about your pea green shorts and your white T shirt is that okay Logan?” “yup” “okay go show mom “thats fine sweet heart”

now were all in the car on are way to the air port my brother already passed out from the car ride we get to the air port get checked by the scanner thingy and boarded the plane i fell asleep soon as the plane took off and when i woke up i was there just in time to un board the plane. And drove about 15 min. to get to her house were hear! Yes finally. My ant greeted us at the door and gave me a giant hug and said”how old are you know 12?” “no 17”. my ant replied “i know silly I'm just kidding remember? I send you a birthday card every year duh!” the only thing my ant gave my brother is a short pat on the head. My ant doesn't really like little kids she says there to needy and wanting oh you can't forget annoying. My ant didn't like me until i was about 8 or 9 years old

my ants house is just about the coolest thing ever it has 4 floors the very top floor is mine my ant and i designed it together one summer that i came to stay (i go to her house every summer just me and her the hole summer its so fun!!). So my room has a walk- in- closet, master bathroom with a stone/tile shower and floor in the bathroom the rest of the floor is hard wood except th walk-in-closet thats carpet. I have a California king size bed (its bigger than a regular king size bed) i have beads on my windows and door. The color of my room is a deep purple color i have like 20 pillows that all match my bed spread my bed spread is like purple and silky its really pretty! I have a 65 plaza inch T.V i also have a laptop thats lime green and i have a lot of pictures and collages of my friends and family's at events and stuff i have a $500 stereo system. me and my ant like the same type of music so that works out good when u walk in my room u spell a giant burst of fruit fragrance.

My ant is 5ft 7inches and shes only 26 years old. she has brown medium length hair, brown eyes and just a few freckles across her face. She works as a big time layer.

In a blink of an eye were back at home watching T.V,yelling at my brother,and listening to my music talking on the phone. I can't wait to see her this summer

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