The Blockorbs

February 26, 2008
By Justin Heward, Mattawan, MI

There once was a type of creature such as the Blockorbs. These Blockorbs were quite strange, but were in fact a square cube shape. They once lived even before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and before anything considered an animal was alive. They did not live on planet earth; they lived on a planet called Burgalicious. The Blockorbs were no plant, or animal, but they were just a creature of a little child’s imagination. These Blockorbs were special because their food was square, as the same as their house. But not everything was square, oh no, not everything.

The Blockorbs had normal lives until the evil tribe called Stickorbs decided to arise. The Stickorbs also lived on planet Burgalicious but lived on a very small part of it. They were kept captive in a highly secured jail house because they were so evil. One day the Stickorbs started to reproduce because they were tired of having such a small place to live and tired being all stuck up in this jail house, so they started to reproduce to massive numbers and since there were so many of them, the Blockorbs that kept them in were killed and the Stickorbs were free.

The Stickorbs were very strong, but were really stupid. The Blockorbs were also strong but not strong enough to hold them off, so the Stickorbs kept on reproducing and killing Blockorbs and destroying there homes, but one day the Blockorbs devised a plan to destroy the Stickorbs. The Blockorbs were going to lead all of the Stickorbs into a giant cannon that would send all of the Stickorbs into to space and that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t going to be as easy as you think. The Stickorbs were stupid and all but weren't stupid enough to not expect something when they're in a giant cannon for no reason. The Blockorbs obviously needed to somehow trick them into coming into the cannon. So, then the Blockorbs decided to put up signs that said that the remaining Blockorbs were in the giant cannon...and yes, that is how stupid the Stickorbs were.

The Stickorbs heard about it and all of the remaining Blockorbs just hid so it seemed that they actually were in the cannon but really they weren't. So the Stickorbs headed to the giant cannon and when they all got there after a few days because they were all around the planet, they started to head into the cannon, and as they did, one Blockorb came out of its hiding spot and lit the long rope that was connected to the cannon which would spark the gun powder and would shoot all of the Stickorbs into space. After all of the Stickorbs were in the cannon, they slowly started to notice that there were no Blockorbs in the cannon and were pretty confused . After a little while, the Stickorbs started to head out of the cannon but didn't have enough time because in a few seconds they would all be shot into space. So after a few seconds all of the Blockorbs around the planet covered there ears and the Blockorbs near the cannon started to run away and then.......BOOM!!!!!!!! The g forces from the cannon blast was so strong, it blew the Blockorbs that were running away miles, and the cannon slid backward about 20 feet. After that, it was all over. The war was over. So after about 10 seconds, the Blockorbs all around the planet of Burgalicious, yelled in joy and watched the Stickorbs fly.

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