February 26, 2008
By Brody Schmuhl, Mattawan, MI


One bone chilling morning I had to roll out of bed and go to boring old school and learn about the same things, but something felt as if it would be an awesome day.

So I majestically had a hop in my step looking forward to a new adventure at boring old school. I already took my step out the door then I remembered I had to make a lunch and I missed the bus so my mom had to take me to school in her beetle. “This is the worst day of my life,” I spoke dreamily. I arrived at school late because we hit a traffic jam. Luckily I didn’t have the embarrassment of my mom kissing me in front of my friends, I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of everyone. Finally, we went to second hour, but in the hallway I ran into some trouble a bully, bullies are big ferocious beasts, bullies normally are big fat extremely mean people. Herald is a big fat kid with problems in his life. He looked like a ball with short stubby legs and arms. As I walked down that hallway sweat dripped down my neck then I saw that ugly face with innocent blue eyes but a vicious heart it makes a devastating combo. When he wasn’t around we always called him pizza face. At best he looked 4 feet 5 inches maybe and about 140 lbs. The hallway smelled disgusting like fear.

As I went into the bathroom he followed me in then he smoked cigarettes and asked me if I wanted to I screamed. “No!” And told him that’s disgusting. Cigarettes kill you from the inside out and for every cigarette you smoke it decreases your life expectancy by four and a half minutes.

As we went through that vicious cycle of torture the geeky kid and they called me pinhead, dork fish, and so many more names that shouldn’t be allowed in anyone’s vocabulary. After that torture they were so mean I balled for it seemed like days but it was only 15 minutes. I felt so humiliated I wish I had a brown paper bag hiding my scary horrible hideousness from a society that has to be perfect. I thought what if I smoked would I be popular or would I just be a nerd who follows trends? Those questions raced through my head. If only I knew things before they happened.

I finally fell- into-my-desires and asked the bully for a cigarette and he asked me if I wanted drugs too and I said.”Hit me with it all,”

“Here is all the drugs I have give me 200 dollars for them all”.

I asked, “How do you do all these drugs?”

Here I’ll show you, he said.
So I finally became popular, but like all stories it wasn’t worth all the trouble I had with the cops and my parents?

So that’s what happened that one bone chilling school day.

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