A Night You'll Never Forget!

February 26, 2008
The sound of the far-off whistle made the gloomy night seem even more scary. The sound of crunching leaves as if someone was walking through the woods didn't help. A big gust of wind came at me with a cold slap in the face.

“Where am I anyway?” I asked myself. All of the sudden the dark trailer park I was in turned into a cemetery. I looked around, to see what cemetery, but I was too far in. Then I noticed I was in the Dartford cemetery; the most haunted cemetery in Wisconsin. How I knew, was that I remember seeing a show about it.

I could hear the little ghost children laughing and then I saw it. . .The Mausoleum. I remember reading that if you sit upon it that a ghost will push you off. So I decided for fun that I should sit on it. I was sitting on it and after a while of waiting, I went flying through the air into the muddy ground. I stood up, and looked around, but saw nothing, I just couldn't believe it. Then all of a sudden, I was surrounded by large gravestones and little laughing ghost kids that looked so evil.

All of a sudden it disappeared, all of it! Then came back, then disappeared again. I ran away as fast as I could then I noticed on my wrists and legs that there was fresh dripping blood! Then I awoke from the nightmare on my floor at midnight. I thought “Thank God it was just a dream!”Then I looked at my wrist and legs and saw that I was bleeding! I screamed in confusion and fear. “How could this be?” I thought. “It was all a nightmare...right?” I asked myself. Then I walked over to my window, looked out to see none other then the Dartford Cemetery that I was just dreaming about. Then everything went black and screams of horror filled the room.

The Screams, they sound so familiar. I realized they were the screams of those little ghost children when I looked around, they were everywhere! They started towards me,”STOP” I scream. But they choose to keep walking then something grabbed my legs and pulled me down into this dark place.

“Oh God, where am I now?” I said. Then I noticed a small opening at the corner I went to it and started forcing myself through it. Finally got through, I stood up looked around and screamed I'm back in the cemetery!
But how I wondered. Then I looked down to where I climbed out of and noticed that it was a gravestone. I'm so confused and filled with fear. I kneeled down to see the writing on the gravestone but it was too dirty, so I carefully wiped it with my sleeve and started to read it. “Here lays a poor little girl who died a strange death.” I read. I started to read more “ Her name was, Faith Dawn” I read in a whisper. Then I realized that my name was Faith Dawn.

“But I'm not DEAD!” I cry out. Then out of nowhere a strong force pushes my head into the gravestone with my name on it, I faint and everything goes silent. I had finally awoken from my terrible accident. I look around to see if there was anything but then I realized something, I realized that I was no longer in the cemetery but that I was in my bed.

“ How in the hack did I get here?” I questioned. I look around, and all I saw was a bedroom, only a bedroom. But then I fell, fell into this black hole that was filled with. . . Dead bodies!

“Ewwww!” I screamed. Then I awoke, from another terrible dream I guess. But then when I took a better look I saw, I saw all the little children, the hole in my floor, everything.

“Why, why does this keep happening? What do you want with me?” I cry out. Then my mother walks in, and in this creepy, deadly voice says
“Honey, don't worry everything will be fine.” She says.
“Mom thank God your here, do you see them, the little kids?”
“Honey, your just a little tired I think you should take a really long nap.” She replies and then I saw her slowly pull out a knife and she says
“Honey it's time for a nap, time to go to sleep FOREVER!”
“Mom no, no mom don't do this please. I love you!” I say with tears of fear running down my face.

But she does not stop she keeps coming and then out of nowhere she turns into this black shadow with bloody eyes, my room bursts into flames and my eyes slowly shut.

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