The Move

February 26, 2008
Oh my god! I can't believe your making me move all the way to Jamaica! I could understand moving to a new state but a new country too!?! My life is so over thanks to you mom! Thats how my Sunday afternoon started.

Jenny needed someone to talk to so she called her best friend Melony, and told her the whole story. Oh my god how could your mom do this to you on the second week of summer, I mean we planned out the whole summer between shopping, beach, movies, and just hanging out. I know it's totally cruel! After a long pause Melony finally said, “well at least it's Jamaica and not some boring place like Alaska or something.” Yea but I'd rather not move at all. Ok well i have to go my mom is calling me. Bye.

Jenny stomped down the stairs and glared at her mom “you called?” Jenna said sarcastically. “Hey I just wanted to say I was sorry and that I begged my boss but he said i was the only one who could help run this new business over there,” But I promise The minute I'm done we will move back to this exact town and you can catch up with all of your old friends. And when would that be asked Jenna? Um... I don't know three to five years maybe? THREE TO FIVE YEARS! By then all of my friends will be have already moved out and gone to bigger towns!

As soon as Jenna got to her room she burst into tears how could her mom do this to her? How could her mom take her away from her friends, family, and... Mark? Oh no how am I going to tell Mark? I have liked him since seventh grade and now i just leave? Ugh this is so horrible.

After a very tearful goodbye with Melony she was now on the airplane heading towards Jamaica, she was listening to her ipod trying not to cry again especially in front of her mom, so she just looked out the airplane window and listened to the music. “Can we talk?” bout what asked Jenna. Well you've hardly said a word to me since i told you that we had to move. Well theres really nothing to say besides your making me move away from all of my friends and family just so you can suck up to your poss. I am just sure that you will love it there. It has amazing scenery and really nice people. How would you know asked Jenna. Just trust me on this one Ok? Fine. And thats all she said to her mom for another 2 hours till the plane landed.

After Jenna and her mom found all of there bags they headed outside to a taxi that was waiting for them. Oh my god Jenna thought this place was gorgeous! Between the Palm trees and ocean view it was like heaven but no way would she let her mom know that she actually liked it here.

Jenna, Jenna wake up Jenna you over slept. What? Jenna asked sleepily. Its almost Eight in the morning and you missed the bus so get up and I'll take you to school. Ok Jenna thought I guess it was all just a dream thank god. Jenna got up quickly and grabbed a snack for the car ride and thought happily about how she loved it were she was and not in Jamaica.

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