My Worst Night

February 26, 2008
By Aubrey Kounelis, Mattawan, MI

“Worst camp experience ever!” I said as we drove away from Cran Hill Ranch. Finally I was able to zoom away from camp in my mom's car. I will always remember that camp for running my memories forever.

It was night time. The half moon shined on the water from my cabin. The last day of camp was near, actually it was tomorrow. My cabin friends and I were all ready to sleep on our last night in the A-frame cabins with no lights, and the worst of all no fan!!!!!! I just had to pick the corner, I thought. I kept my sandals in a spot between the roof since it was an A-frame it came and met a board that stuck out. Every night I checked on my sandals for spiders. That was very stupid because I knew I hated spiders and they hate me because my dog eats them. I stared off into space as I remembered my aunt had a spider trying to fit in her ear. I came back to Earth as I remembered I needed to check on my sandals. I turned on my flashlight not aware of what I would see. I turned it on and right in front of my face was the biggest, hairiest, fattest, arachnid with two stripes on its back. I froze. I thought about my options, I could either scream like a maniac or squish it. I chose to scream like a maniac. I ran to the other side of the small cabin still screaming my guts out as everyone who was not afraid of spiders tried to catch it with a spring water bottle. Then it went in between two cracks and no one could get it! “Oh Aubrey,”said Stefi, “that spider has been there for the past week,” she replied calmly. My face turned red, as smoke shot out of my ears as the tiny breeze we never have blew my hair out of my face to show that I wanted to spit fire and burn my friend to ashes. As I sorta calmed down my counselor, Kendell, walked into our cabin. Kendell was from Australia, she had to have bug killer! I thought. I screamed the problem hoping to find the solution.
Then the worse just hit me in the face, my cabin friends told me there were three more of that kind, it had an egg sack, and the big spider ate a fly and a moth! I screamed bloody murder as my friends and Kendell held their ears. Then I thought I would die. I about did when Kendell told me no cabin had bug killer! I screamed again, not as loud because my voice was dieing. Kendell gladly ran out of the cabin and shortly came back with....... bleach? She said, “When people spray the bleach on the bathroom counters do you see dead bugs?”

I replied, “Yes after thinking about it.”

Then she said, “ That's because when they land on bleach it slowly kills them.”

I sarcastically replied, “Yeah, but does it kill mutant spiders?”

Kendell casually strolled over to where the four spiders were and sprayed away. “Why not the egg sack too?” I said.

“I don't want to risk it opening and tons of mini spiders crawling all over the cabin,” said Kendell. Thats a good idea, I thought. Now they'll crumple up and die!

“ I'm still not sleeping over there!” I screamed.

“Fine, you can sleep on all the luggage,” replied Kendell. Thats exactly what I did! I pointed my flashlight at the spot where the ugly spiders should be crumpling up and dieing until Kendell told me to turn my flashlight off.

I whined as I said, “Fine but if one just one bites me I'm not afraid to sue this camp for all it's worth!!”

Kendell then said, “ Sure, just go to sleep!” Carefully I turned my flashlight off, I went into a deep sleep of fear.

I smirked as we drove away from my spider infested camp. Maybe, just maybe I'll come back next year. Maybe, I just might........

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