The Village Cursed with Evil

February 25, 2008
By CHURCHILL Ndonwie, Silver Spring, MD

For many years legends have tried but could not succeed for this village was cursed with evil.Legends say the village was cursed because, long time ago the people revolted against their king and killed his only daughter Zemora, the people say she cursed the village with evil and that her soul was reigning in the Evil forest. Her name was not to be spoken among children because she was said to turn them into evil, but the was a prophesy written by a wizard that says the will be a child born of the flesh but divined by the gods, he shall fight like a legend, his sword shall be hot as fire, his eyes shall show flame and he will be a warrior, wizard and he shall deliver the people of their curse. It was said he will be born from the womb of a woman pure in heart and on the day of his birth the village shall loose ten virgin girls. For years the prophesy has been passed to generations but the people did not loose hope. Zahra a virgin made love with Alcance chief of the gods, after a long time on this bright day, the people were surprise because the sun had never shined on the hidden village, ten virgins were lost and Zahra gave birth to the one who was to deliver the people, his name was Afranza half god and half human. He grew to a man in five hours, he was strong and handsome and was loved by all the gods. The day was coming and the gods said to Zahra prepare Afranza , the time is coming, the poor woman was directed by the gods to take her son to the village castle and leave him there, she did as the gods told her to. Afranza was was given a golden helmet that made home invisible, he was given a sword of flame and was trained by the god of war Titansen. Afranza grew into a man and was ready to fight Zemora. He was led into the evil forest by his flying horse Domestico, since he was a god his presence in the evil forest forest was noticed, first he was attacked by an animal with claws like that of a lion and eyes like that of a wolf, the animal was a five headed dog, he fought with his flame sword, he wore his helmet that made him invisible and with some help from his horse Domestico he was able to defeat the five headed dog, he was exhausted and thirsty and not every thing in the evil forest was real, he saw water but could not drink, he saw food but could not eat. Along his way he met a faerie Woodese goddess of the evil forest , she was so concerned on his beauty that she gave him food, water, wine and made a feast for him. She was Zemora, she fooled him and she wanted to make love to him, but Alfranza was so intelligent that he speared Zemora on her belly with his flammable sword, but she did not die, instead she turned into a seven headed dragon . He used magic to blend in with his horse so that he got wings. He fought and defeated the dragon .He went back to the village and was made king of the hidden village, the curse of the village was wiped away children could now play freely, people could now go into the woods, the was live now in the hidden village and the soul of Zemora was locked up in a cage and kept by the gods. ALFRANZA got married and lived happily ever after. That is how the hidden village that was once a ghost town became a city on a strong rock and was protected by the gods.

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